Farmer Plants Two Million Sunflowers To Cheer People During The Pandemic

The global pandemic of Covid 19 led people nowhere, but to grief and debt. However, a Wisconsin farmer magnificently planted around two million sunflowers in his field in order to cheer people during this pandemic. The farmer and his wife were looking for a way to make people happy and growing sunflowers turned out to be the finest plan.

Scott Thompson, a farmer of Bristol, Wisconsin decided to plant nearly two million sunflowers in his field to make people feel blissful during this miserable situation. This farm had been in the family for over seventy years. The Thompson family generally planted strawberries, raspberries and pumpkins in their fields. But it was his wife who suggested him to plant sunflowers this year. He had occupied around fifteen fields to plant the glorious sunflowers for over 22 hectares of land. The farmer also planted wild flowers and zinnias to attract butterflies and to add a pop colors in the enormous field.

Thompson has now allowed visitors to pick up their own bloom from 10 am to 7 pm every day. He charges 25 dollars per car to pick a dozen of flowers. Many visitors have captured their delightful moment in the heavenly field filled with flowers. Some people even shared their pictures on various social media platforms. A Facebook user, Amy Lieb Knobel shared her pictures from the sunflower field on her social media handle. This yellow blooming field has attracted many people. And several people still continue to visit this enormous field. The field will be open to the visitors.

Posted by Thompson Strawberry Farm on Monday, August 24, 2020

Thompson’s aim was mainly to make people jovial for a day. In an interview, he said that he just did whatever he thought of and kept building. He told that during the entire time the global pandemic never went anywhere. But he believed that people must be looking for something to do, basically social distancing and smile. Thus, he and his wife planned to plant sunflowers. He also stated that they are extremely glad for being in such a business where everyone is always pleased to come.

Thompson’s efforts were greatly appreciated by people. Many visitors have expressed their gratitude towards the farmer and his wife for planting sunflowers. This flower flooded field has hit people positively and has given them an enriching experience. It has let people appreciate the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature. This sunny field was remarkably special for those people who wanted to get away from their cities for a day or so. Many visitors even claimed that this lively day will never be forgotten by them. Thompson’s hard work has already made many faces smile and is continuing to do so.