During Coronavirus Outbreak, Olaf From Frozen Is Reading Bedtime Stories Online For Kids

“I like warm hugs!”, proclaimed Olaf, the adorable little snowman, from Frozen. This dialogue, which is full of love and innocence, is one of the best quotes from the Disney’s blockbuster movie. While everyone across the globe is facing coronavirus outbreak and millions of people have to stay at home to maintain social distance, they all can use some virtual warm hugs so that they get past this despair and keep their spirits up.

To give hope to people at this time when everyone is locked down in their homes, actor Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, came up with a creative idea to use his voice to connect with his fans of all age groups. On 13th March, he went online on his Twitter handle to share his innovative idea with everyone. He announced that from now on, every night, he will read a bedtime story to send his virtual warm hugs to everyone.

While announcing live to his audience, he said that he is going to try this and see how things go. He has decided that he is going to read for adults as well as their children, depending on what his audience prefer. He added that since at this moment the world is a little bit of hot mess, he is not going to pass any judgements.

Since the time he has announced his idea to the world, he has loyally showed up on Twitter every night at 7:30 pm EDT. He started with one of favorite kids’ book, ‘Olivia goes to Venice’, by Jan Falconer. He read the book out loud in the 10-minute session. He calls these sessions the #GadBookClub. He has made it even more interesting, as being a voice actor, he uses this incredible skill and gives different voice to each character. Of course, everyone enjoys a book when each character has a unique voice!

Gad tweeted that by reading stories, he is just doing his part and helping to keep us and our kids sane. He wants to offer few minutes of care to the families while everyone is going through this unprecedent global event and it appears that his efforts are paying off. Families from around the world are posting gratitude messages for Gad for giving his time to read short stories on social media.

Jillian Brunson, a Twitter user, posted a heartfelt thank you message on behalf of all the kids in her family. Her post read, “We love this. Thank you thank you thank you from children ages 3,5, 32 and 33”. Another fan of Gad with the user name Licensed to Mom, shared her family picture, sitting together and enjoying the stories.

Not only Gad but other celebrities are also helping out during this coronavirus quarantine time. Mo Willems, a beloved children’s author, is hosting daily Lunch Doodles’ online, he encourages kids to be artistic and make art each day. Queer Eye’s AntoniPorowski, has started his series titled, “Quar Eye: Cooking lessons in quarantine”. He uploads free cooking lessons on Instagram for his viewers.

It is great to see so many creative ideas coming out and people connecting with each other. So, mark your calendar and don’t miss the next nightly appointment of bedtime story at #GadBookClub. It’s a great way to end the day and sleep with a bit of positivity amid the coronavirus news all around. Some people are worth melting for and Gad is one of them.