Don’t Give Up After The First Failure

It always seems difficult to accomplish something when your first step fails miserably. It's obvious to make you infuriated with the vision you have. But it’s not going to happen in a day or two. Great things take time and so does your goal.

You won’t step into the realm with victory after you’ve just left the whimsical world. Just by thinking and devising the plan won’t help you, but all your strenuous efforts and hours put in the work would do the magic. Procrastination is the biggest evil. We do get riveted to the habit of postponing things. And if you do too, you know, how we love to plan everything for the next day.

However, this is what leads us to deracination. No matter how deeply you think about your dreams, you cannot give it real existence until you work for them. On the contrary, the results won’t show up as quickly as you anticipate. The map always looks pretty easy but in reality, it isn’t. Patience is what we’re talking about here. So, it’s better if you started executing from now itself.

Because the upshot will also be brought up late if there’s a delay in your efforts. Besides, the blunder mistake we all commit is hoping the goals to take shape easily after we start working. On the path, there are several things that you’d need to learn before relishing the fruit. Although you assume to be a misery, failure is the key. And accept the fact that you’re going to have one-on-one interaction with a lot of them.

Yes, it looks unfortunate to experience failure and rejection. However, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts by making mistakes. The more you do, the more you know what’s necessary to be avoided. So, the idea of failure never fits in when we visualize anything for the foreseeable future. Eventually, the fear of failure is surely going to hold you back. What matters is whether you occlude with the augmenting consternation. To tell you the truth, it’s a phase you cannot avoid if you want to be successful.

Well, this phase repeats itself when you proliferate your skills. It’s innate to mess everything up in the beginning. Just learn what went wrong, fix it and try again. This continues until you actually start seeing the light at the other end. Because if you want something, you won’t give up so easily. Or else you know the repercussions. Nothing is going to change until you long to change them all.

We do have the proclivity to have doubts as well. And to some extent, it makes those mistakes conspicuous that you’d overlooking all your life. It’s usual to question yourself if you’re wasting your time or chose the wrong path. But detach yourself if it consumes the most of you. Getting frustrated at your inability isn’t the hindrance, but overthinking really is. Failure always comes prior to the galore success, be it anything you want.

Giving up on them is also not the answer. So, if you really want to see the ray of hope, you’ll get back up and try again. You’ll experience restlessness if you hold yourself back. So, ignore the fear of failure and take risks. Because this is how we move up to the ladder of success.