Delightful Note Stuck To Block Of Cheese In Supermarket Left Woman Stunned

A woman from Melbourne was left stunned after finding a note stuck in the weirdest of places while doing some grocery shopping. The note was taped on the back of a cheese block. Coming across stories where people find notes on their cars is not something new, but this is new of its kind.

The woman named Rebecca, went to get a few groceries at her local store, Woolies, and was walking around in the store when she found the taped note. She found the note as sweet but a few netizens had a different opinion. Netizens found the note to be a bit too ‘cheesy’.

The sweet note found by Rebecca read, “To whoever is reading this, you are doing great! You deserve an amazing and happy day today!” The note was shared by Rebecca on Facebook. She captioned her post, “Not something you see at Woolies every day but made me smile”.


Many people commented on her Facebook post. Most of the people found the note lovely. One of the netizens said that it was lovely and another said that they loved the idea of the note. While one netizen found it funny and wrote, “It’s a bit cheesy though! Now if it was in the beer fridge…!”

Similar to the incident of Rebecca, a mother, TillzSiofele from Brisbane, Australia found a similar note from a stranger that was hidden in the top of a baby formula tin. Though, the mother found the note a few days after she had sent her husband to a shop to get a few items.

Tillz found the note a little strange at first as it took her by surprise. The note read, “Enjoy this little something. Happy Wealth Wednesday” and the note was attached by a five-dollar bill. Touched by the act, Tillz posted a message on social media.

Though netizens were quick enough to tell who was behind the beautiful act. Netizens said that it was a woman named Susanna Lucy, who regularly kept little surprises like that for strangers. Later, it was confirmed that it was Susanna who had kept the lovely note with the five-dollar bill.

Coming across such beautiful stories fills our hearts with joy. We appreciate people like Susanna who fill joy in stranger’s lives. We hope that this story motivates you to do your act of kindness. Remember, a good deed brings joy not only in other’s lives but your life as well. Let’s all celebrate humanity by helping each other out!