Dad Helped His Son Cope-Up With Anxiety By Designing A Book

Los Angeles based writer makes a book for his son so that he could help him cope up with anxiety. The innovative book helped not only his soon but others as well to cope up with anxiety. The innovative book is available online and anyone irrespective of the age can buy it and help overcome anxiety.

Greg Sullivan, Los Angeles based writer and artist created an innovative book for his son to cope up with his anxiety. His 5-year-old son was coping up with the pressure and anxiety to fit in the society. So Greg designed an innovative book for him to help him out with his anxiety. His book ‘Gregory Dragon Is Just The Same’ is the first book he never intended to publish but he did.

Sullivan shared “He’s tall for his age, skinny, and has a birthmark, all of which had him feeling insecure and isolated.” Not only his son but many other kids of his son’s age try to fit in the society. It is just not the kids who are trying to fit in. People try to fit into society all the time. They try to live up to the standards set by society. Thus, the book which was specifically made for his son eventually helped others to cope up with anxiety.

The book was a special gift to his son on his 5th birthday. He wanted his son to accept and embrace his characteristics. He wanted his son to love himself the way he is and appreciate what all he has got. And the fact that his son loves dragons was just more helpful for Greg to make his son understand the meaning of self-love.

In 2019, the artist, animator, screenwriter, and novelist earned the Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for his work with NASA and JPL for the Mars Insight mission. It thus, made sense to him to help his son by creating something in which he is good. He then decided to put his book on Amazon to help others and got amazing reviews for the same.

One reviewer wrote on Amazon: “I loved how the author/illustrator used color to delineate between speakers. The eyes of each little dragon really captures the emotion he or she is feeling, and the lesson of how God made each of us in our own special way comes through loud and clear. The real little Gregory is blessed to have a daddy who loves him so much!”

Sullivan shared “I swapped the roles and had Gregory Dragon educate the misguided narrator.” This book is not like any other traditional book in which the lead character has no voice of its own and all the cards are played by the narrator. The book ensures that every character has his mind and character. And it is true in real life as well. We all are unique in our way and we all should live with our minds and voice.