Company Adapts Discontinued Waffle Recipe For Boy With Autism

Choosy eaters are common for every household but when this choosiness comes because of a diagnosed disease then it’s a matter of concern. Parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying the needs of their kid who has autism.

A waffle company helped to tackle the pickiness of a 10-year-old kid Jerico Roman, who has autism and suffers from food aversions and major eating issues. Even though his parents tried to work this problem out by taking him to food therapists but all their efforts went in vain when his health was hampered.

It got worse for the parents to see their kid go 12 days without eating and periodically they had to make sure that he learned how to eat again. Fortunately, his parents discovered that the boy willingly eats Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon waffles. The moment they found something appetizing for their kid, the company desisted the recipe.

Desperate to improve her kid’s life, his mother created a GoFundMe intending to obtain all the waffles available in the market before getting ceased. His mother expressed that it was difficult for her to ask for help in the first place but with no other option she urged people to help her attain as many waffles as possible.

Nature’s path recognized the efforts of his mother and came to their rescue. The company arranged a team to find the remaining waffles. They were able to track a warehouse in Illinois where a lot of waffles were still there and the company brought them to the kid and declared the mission waffle hunt successful.

The company bought time for themselves and Jerico as they figured out a lifetime solution to this problem. They put in their entire effort to help his mom to recreate the recipe at home so that they would never face the adversity of not finding the waffles in the market.

While Jerico was relishing the last waffles left, the company made sure her mother learned to make those waffles at home by providing her with commercial ingredients.

The CEO said that he was proud of the R and D team. He revealed that the team was able to recreate the same taste of the waffles they made commercially.

The CEO expressed that the company was touched by the adversities the kid and his family were facing and therefore to help them in any way possible would make them feel human. It meant them a lot to be of some value during the kid’s bad time.

Jerico’s mother appreciated the efforts taken by the company and was thankful to everyone who contributed to the cause. She told that Jerico was not aware of all that has been going on with the waffles but she is happy that her child is eating again and that he is improving daily.

She added that though sometimes the supplies are fluctuating, she has got the recipe with her and it doesn’t scare her anymore. She found herself full of gratitude for the waffle company’s help.