Choose To Be Better Than The People Who Hurt You

Life is a blot from the blues. It strikes one with punches of disgust, bliss and amusement through actors thriving around. The severity of situations makes one drain out compassion and kindness for others. However, letting time rob one of humanity is the symbol of a big defeat. Blaming others for that loss is an extension of that insurmountable defeat.

It is rare for life to come up with a rash of blissful moments. The times of turmoil form a large chunk of life’s narration. It afflicts the soul with bleak moments through its artists. They step in and move back to present one with a platter of inexorable situations. These testing moments aim at exorcising one of the beauty of humanity. The choppy waters roar at their best to inundate one’s life with anathema and insensitivity.

After trying hard to brave the winds, the souls often end up bowing down before them. Their hearts continue to pound but devoid of compassion. They look around at people with eyes burning for revenge and hate. They lose no moment to pour out the fire of disgust through actions and words. In that pursuit, they end up sparing no one around them. Their world shrinks in; just big enough to accommodate more hate and disgust.

For them, others are just rag dolls whom they can kick anytime with their insensitive behavior. They look around eagerly for their culprits to revert with balls of fire of same intensity. They feel out of the world on seeing their enemies in the same state through which they waded. Their tears give them immense pleasure; sensing it as a moment of their much-awaited victory.

However, in that blind spree of revenge, they end up letting harsh times suck out their eternal being and conscience. They land up in the world conditioned by false notions of power and prejudice. The tears in the eyes of their opponents do not symbolize their win rather their defeat. By letting the human vibes flow out their lives, they end up surrendering to the testing time. Their rash way of living and talking puts time on the driving seat to usher their life to the worse time.

Establishing dominance over the weak and unprivileged is a symbol of cowardice. Shifting the blame of transformation to others takes the defeat a step ahead. It reflects one’s inability to handle the crisis. The internal weakness comes to the shore to vitiate one’s stance.

Life is a synonym for hardships. Thus, it is a stupidity to expect only blossoming roses with no thorns from it. One should look at the facet of powering oneself up with the portion of love and compassion rather than putting up the excuses to justify one’s harsh stance. Stand high to face the raging winds to gain invaluable experience without ebbing out inner-self.

The man who continues to cling to the principle of magnanimity till the end rules over the torrents of life and time.