Businessman Comes Forward To Help After Seeing ‘Haunting’ Image Of Child’s Bedroom

The unpleasant condition of a seven-year-old's bedroom has moved a businessman in a way that he’s now certain to help at least 100 children get their basic needs for their bedroom fulfilled. Also, he wishes to do more if he gets his accountant's approval.

Shahid Raqib, 43, from Leeds, came across an image shared by a local charity named Zarach. The picture represented the extent of difficulties and poverty which had affected several children in the UK. The organization started a ‘JustGiving’ page to come together and help families who are struggling to get the basic amenities. The horrifying part about the picture was the bare room with a single bed and nothing else that the child could afford.

Shahid could imagine the terrible condition of those kids when he saw the picture on social media. He is the owner of SR Carpets & Floors and his father was also in the same business. Since he has worked in carpets all his life, seeing the critical condition raised a big concern. On one side, Shahid had a warehouse full of carpets in West Yorkshire, while on the other side, there are these children who are still bereft of having a little comfort in their life. He soon realized that the fundraising from the charity for carpets and floors was just not enough.

He said: “No carpets means there’s also a lack of warmth and I just couldn’t justify it in my head. It didn’t feel right not to help.” Also, being a father of three boys, he could imagine the extent of hardships those children could have been facing when they’re struggling to get a carpet. Helping them by providing carpets can be a way to ease off their burden. So, he began working with the charity to arrange the carpets and ensure their delivery.

Moreover, he wants to make sure that they get the carpets of their choice and also planned about sending some people to take the right measurements. “I’ll also, wherever necessary, add in underlay free of charge as well. I just want to help as many people as possible that genuinely can’t afford it,” he added. However, this isn’t the only instance where Shahid has taken such an initiative. He had helped several families so that they could cope well with the flood damages.

Despite not being such a huge company, being a helping hand doesn’t need more wealth but a good heart. Shahid says: “It’s only right that we do a good deed. If we’re taking business from local customers we need to give back where we can – we can’t always listen to the accountant.” A business might be a way to make both ends meet, but giving back to society is what provides you true happiness.