Break Free From Your Comfort Zones And Live The Real Life

It’s always thrilling to imagine yourself breaking your comfort zones. “Damn, what it must be like to travel the world?” or maybe like “Wish I could participate in that cookery show.”. But you don’t, right? The next step is always the hardest. The next step would make me higher, but it could also make me slip and fall back 10 steps, back where I started. But, what would happen if you are stuck in the same step forever. At least, you won’t fall even if standing in the same space makes your feet ache. But at least its not as bad as falling.

I think that’s where most people have got it wrong. We think, it’s safe to stay where you are. But, it’s not safe, it’s easy. We don’t realize our comfort zones are holding ourselves back in life.

We believe that one day, we will rise to the occasion, quit that good for nothing job, or probably shift our major, and that will be the turning point in our lives. But that’s not easy is it? At least that job is bad, but at least I’m earning. Or probably that this major is not interesting, but it does have good job prospects. But if we never take risks, we will never know we truly are.

Your procrastination, your excuses, your minimal faith in yourselves makes you want to stay in your comfort zones. “I could do it, but the timing is not just right.”, “I just don’t think I can succeed” or maybe “my dreams are so immature”. These are the things we say to ourselves to make ourselves feel better. But, what it in fact does is lower our confidence, making us believe that at least we have something. That is your comfort zone.

In the words of AJ Leon, “Don’t follow welllit paths; grab a machete and hack down your own.” It’s just Impossible to think that you can grow and explore in your comfort zone. You will never gain knowledge and what it takes to actually ‘succeed’.

But you need to break free. Postponing your goals will only make it harder for you to achieve them later if you don’t have that courage to break down your walls of comfort. Routine is good, but what’s not good is to always stay in that mundane life and share what you truly have. Believe in yourself first.