Brave 9-Year-Old Donated His Hair For Cancer Fighting Kids

An Essex boy got his first hair cut so that he could help children who lose their hair due to cancer treatment. Reilly Stancombe from Little Clacton has grown his hair all his life. His hair has reached a length of more than 2 feet. After growing his hair for more than 9 years, he decided to help kids in need.

Reilly got the motivation to grow his hair from the famous football player Gareth Bale. He managed to never have set foot inside a barbershop before. Once he stumbled upon images of kids who didn’t have any hair due to cancer. After he saw the photos, the brave nine-year-old decided that it was time to donate his hair.

He gave up a good length of hair to the Little Princess Trust. So that they could make some wigs for the kids in need. During his appearance on Good Morning Britain around the time of august he announced that it was about time to get a haircut. He further added that he would want to donate to the kids fighting cancer and had lost their hair due to treatment.

His haircut was scheduled at Masters & Misters barbers in Claton-on-sea. Reilly was asked how he felt before he got his haircut. He was scared of the transition. By the time his haircut was done, he admitted that he liked his new look. The barber handed his long ponytail and Reilly was amazed to see it. He mentioned that he didn’t think his hair would be this long. Further, he added, that how weird it was to hold his hair in his hand rather than having them on his head.

Even Reilly’s mother was in a fix for quite some time, debating over whether to get his hair short or not. But it was Reilly who took the final decision.

Daisy Canny, 30 his mother mentioned that even as a toddler he had shoulder-length hair. As Reilly grew, he got fascinated by football and wanted to grow his hair like his favorite footballer. After that, he just kept growing his hair and his hair reached an astonishing length of 2 feet.

The time Reilly decided to donate his hair he also hoped to raise £100 for research of cancer treatment. As his story went viral he ended up raising £3,300 for less toxic treatments for pediatric cancer research.

In the end, Reilly hoped that the children fighting this disease won’t feel different from other kids. He mentioned that he wanted his donation to benefit as many people as possible.