Boy Tyrannized For Loving Books, Gets Insta-Famous

Following your passion is never easy particularly when you are surrounded by derisive people. But if you are determined, the world falls at your feet. Callum Manning, who was mocked by his mates for making a social media account to post book reviews, is now a celebrity on Instagram. All thanks to his elder sister!

The lad who is a 13-year-old from South Shields, United Kingdom, had to go through an extremely rough patch in life before he emerged as a social media celebrity. The boy had his heart devoted to reading. Unlike the other boys of his age, he was resolute to do something meaningful out of his passion. Callum came up with an Instagram account with the username cals_book_account. The account was a platform where the boy could share his reviews and commence some discussions with the people regarding his favorite books.

But since all unique ideas seem absurd at first to many, Callum had to undergo a lot of criticism from his school mates. The 13-year-old was quite excited about his new endeavor until he was jibed in a group chat by his very own classmates. In an interview with the media, he revealed that the mockery left him devastated and though he was quite good in handling his tears, that very incident made him lose all his control and the little boy cried his heart out.

Ellis Landreth, Callum’s elder sister could not see her brother being treated like that and so she decided to stand up for him. The 24-year-old voiced herself on Twitter hoping to gain some support for her younger sibling. She tweeted about the entire incident with the screenshots of her brother’s account devoted to books. The girl said that she was optimistic that her tweet would fetch some 20-30 followers for her brother to motivate him. But to her surprise, the tweet gained immense popularity, making the reading enthusiast an Instagram sensation overnight.

Callum revealed in an interview that he felt extremely happy when people started to shower their support. He said that it felt satisfying to see people not finding bullying right. He even mentioned that after his sister’s tweet his notification bar would not stop showing new comments. In fact, he got a lot of popularity in the form of people who requested him to review books and this included his favorite author- Caroline Kepnes, who authored the renowned, book ‘You’. The request left Callum nervous but elated at the same time.

The Insta- star’s mother Carla Landreth expressed her gratitude towards everything that happened. The mother said that the entire scene had a huge transformative effect on her son. She added that Callum has had an interest in reading since he was a tiny kid. Carla further said that her son’s choice of books was different than the other kids of his age. Mumma Landreth got a little emotional while speaking of the time her son faced humiliation that made him lose his confidence.

The young Insta star feels surprised on the amount of love he received and often tells his family that it is difficult for him to believe that so many people want to follow him. His family feels very joyous to see their little love getting on cloud 9 and so do we.