Barman Used Umbrella To Escort Customer Home In Pouring Rain

When it comes to kindness and humanity all is not lost. A gentleman of a barman ensured that the customer did not get wet on the way back home due to pouring rain. The video of the same went viral and the barman has been branded a true gentleman after that.

Frankie was on his shift at the Pines Cafe Bar in Dublin, Ireland when he saw one customer leaving the bar. The customer was heading home in his mobility scooter. And as soon as the man left the bar it started pouring. The downpour drenched the country’s capital that is when Frankie took it upon himself to ensure that the customer should reach back home without drenching in the pouring rain.

The customer did not have an umbrella and even Frankie did not have a big enough umbrella that could shield the man properly. So, he used one of the outdoor umbrellas and escorted the man to his back. Somebody made of the whole thing and it was later posted on the Pub’s Facebook Page. It was captioned as “Our Frankie going above and beyond!!”

The video went viral and locals since then have come out in praise of Frankie for going the extra mile for the customer. A person wrote: “Goodman Frank lovely staff helpful too.” Many others commented the same on the video and the comments read as “Good man, Frankie.” Other comments read as: “Fair play staff are nice and helpful,” and “Fair play to him.”


And there are other people like Frankie all around helping the customers and making sure they are safe and comfortable. A bartender in the United States stood up for a woman who was being pestered by a man in the bar. She was uncomfortable and that is when the bartender helped her.

Trinity Allie was in a bar in Florida when a man was troubling her. Bartender Max Gutierrez spotted the same and came to help her. He handed her a note telling her that he is observing what is happening and she can signal him if she wants him to intervene.

The pair recently met after the incident and Trinity shared the picture of the same and wrote: “Reunited with the legend himself #maxthebartender back @ the scene of the crime.” The reunion was filmed by WFLA, where we can see that Max embraced Trinity and lifted her up, while he told her: “So good to see you!”

There are many examples of people helping each other out just because of kindness and humanity. No other intentions were involved. Strangers are helping out strangers that suggest that all hope is not lost. As we saw with Frankie, there is still a lot of hope left in this world. The world has kind and caring people who just want to help each other. And it makes people feel safe and secure knowing about it. Being selfless, kind and caring costs nothing.