Aldi Worker Goes Extra Mile To Get Sold Out Toy For Seven-Year-Old Girl

A mother shared how an Aldi staff member helped her daughter get the toy she was saving for forever now. Her daughter was devastated to know that the toy was not available but the staff member ensured that the young girl got the toy she was solely saving for.

Mother Cat Stephenson visited the Aldi branch in New York along with her seven-year-old daughter Alison. Her daughter spotted a Squish mallow rabbit toy and wanted it so bad that she started saving for it. Cat shared how on their next visit they got to know that the toy was sold out and Alison was heartbroken on hearing that when one of the staff members helped them to track it down.

After spotting the toy, her daughter started saving for it and then they visited the store only to find that the toy was not available anymore as it was sold out. Cat enquired about the same from a staff member hoping that they would track one down for her daughter. The store manager Jamie, on seeing the girl, pulled all the strings he could pull in trying to locate the toy for the girl as she was close to tears.

But still, he could not locate one single rabbit for the girl. Watching the young girl, he did something unexpected. She shared the story on a Facebook post and wrote: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jamie the store manager at Aldi at Water Lane York. My daughter had seen an Easter teddy she wanted a few weeks ago, she saved up her pocket money and went back a week later however all the toys had sold out. We went to ask the store manager and my daughter Alison had tears in her eyes as she had saved so hard to have this toy.”


She further shared: “He saw the sadness and offered to ring all the Aldi’s in York however they were all sold out. He then went on to say that if we popped back next week, he will bring his own from home that he got. He didn’t want any money for this and I am truly grateful for his fantastic customer skills and kindness to my daughter.”

The whole scenario changed her perspective of the world a little and she further shared: “It has completely made her day and it is lovely to see kindness in this strange world. Alison wrote a letter of thanks as she was so thrilled! Please share this post as it would be great for him to get recognition for this.”

After reading the story many commented and some comments were such as “Well done Jamie, getting Alison her toy, she saved so hard for and refusing to let her pay for it, it just goes to show there are some good caring people left.” Humanity exists and we need to remember that in a world suffering from so much we can be kind and caring to everyone and anyone. It is what the world needs right now and forever.