A Sweet Note By Flight Attendant Brought Tears Of Joy To Passenger’s Eyes

In an emotional and heartwarming incident, a flight attendant gave a very personalized note to a passenger. The passenger was an influencer and travel journalist. Tears of joy came through her eyes on receiving the note. It read ‘black lives matter’. Apparently, the flight attendant and crew developed a good bond with the passenger and that was the reason of note.

Small gestures, handwritten notes and personalized things often make us happy. They give sense of personal connect. More than materialistic things, when one gives us a personalized note, it makes you feel bonded to them. When similar thing happened with a passenger on flight, she could not control her emotions and had tears of joy. The crew and the flight attendant had good conversations during the flight and a good vibe match. After a long journey, when the flight attendant gave her a beautiful note she was overwhelmed with joy.

Kellee Edwards, a traveler journalist and influencer, was flying in first class. She took a flight from Phoenix to Chicago with a reputed airline. She had a great time on the flight. The service was good and so were the crew members. When the flight was about to touchdown, the crew members gave thank you cards to everyone. The cards were the general cards for thanking passengers for being on the flight and hoping that they would take the service again. The card also mentioned name of the crew member that was taking care of the passenger.

Kellee’s card had an extra note written in hand in additional to the printed card. Her flight attendant was John McCullough. He added a note in the end that read- “I see you. You matter. Black Lives Matter”. He also added three hearts at the end of this beautiful note. Kellee got really overwhelmed receiving this note and was really impressed with the customer service of the flight. She had travelled to so many places with many flights but had never received this kind of gesture from crew members.

Kellee is a TV and a podcast host by profession. She could not contain the joy of such a beautiful gesture. She posted about the same on her twitter handle. She expressed her feelings of getting such a good customer service. She also mentioned that sometimes small gestures like these can turn out to be so meaningful for someone. In today’s world experiencing and getting such kind of love is rare. She also thanked John by name on her post. She wrote “I may or may not be tearing up as a result. Ok, I AM.”

After the post went viral, John was asked about the same by a newspaper company. He said that he and the crew members bonded well with Kellee on the flight. He felt comfortable and happy to give her the note. It was something unusual they give on a first class flight. But the good conversations they had were a cause of the same. He said that he felt the love and happiness was reciprocated since Mrs. Edwards accepted the note with a smile. He also expressed his gratitude towards his airlines and feels proud to work for them.