A Retired Automotive Industry Worker Pursued His Acting Dream At 84

It is never too late to pursue your dreams. A retired automotive industry worker pursued his dream career in acting at the age of 84 and has never looked back since. He has proved that when you put your mind to something, you will achieve it.

Jack Warner has worked in the automotive industry for 35 years now. After retiring people usually have plans of enjoying their life watching some shows or joining clubs. But Jack had different plans and started pursuing his dream job. He launched his acting career and has never looked back since.

Jack has loved acting for as long he can remember but his parents wanted him to have a proper and steady job instead. Thus, he worked in the automotive industry and devoted 35 years of his life to the industry. But after retiring he had different plans unlike some of his friends.

In an interview, he shared that after watching his friends’ life after retirement he knew he would never spend his retirement days like this. He also shared that his wife knew how much he loved acting and she pushed him to pursue his dream now. So he went forward with the idea and talked to his agent.

He was surprised by the fact that he got his first gig very soon and since then he had a lot of gigs to perform. Due to his new job he has travelled to places he had only dreamed of. He shared: “I thought I might be too old but the agent said this is a business for all ages – the most important ingredient is enthusiasm – and I have plenty of that.”

He has worked in The Phantom of the Opera and Wimbledon, apart from these he had also some roles in music videos for Robbie Williams, Jamie Cullum and The Hoosiers. Life has changed for him. He is enjoying more than he had imagined.

He shared: “Going to places, locations that I would not otherwise have been able to and working with wonderful people of all ages – many of them are young which in turn keeps me young. I thoroughly enjoyed my many years in the motor trade, but often wonder if I had made a career in acting, where I might be today. But I have no regrets.”

He always worked on the principle that one should always look forward because one cannot change his past. So there is no point in looking back and regretting it. One can learn from it and change his present and future. He believes that “It’s never too late, being active keeps me healthy and of course health is the number one factor in being able to continue an active life.”

He has one philosophy and that is “Age is a mindset – you mustn’t sit down and give in to it. My philosophy is ‘keep young and carry on’, which I intend to do for many more years to come.”