A Radio Station Has Decided To Play Christmas Songs Every Day Till December

A radio station- ‘Magic Radio’ has put the Christmas balls rolling down to welcome Christmas hues. It has started to woo listeners by playing the Christmas songs four months before the much-awaited festival month. The show ‘Magic 100% Christmas’ aims to soothe the ailing souls around the world amid the raging pandemic waves with the Christmas playlist on board.

The thought of the red and white Christmas vibes festooning one’s house makes one breathe out all the besets and exhaustion. The Christmas carols imbue one with a new wave of energy at the end of the year. From children to old souls, all come on the floor, ditching the age barriers to dance their heart out on the tunes of festivities. Abridging the Christmas wait, a radio station- Magic Radio has gone on air.

With the agonies and jittery vibes enveloping the tired world, Magic Radio decided to weave indoor celebrations. It has gone ahead to illuminate the shut out world with the hues of festivities. Energizing the worldly souls, it has put on the party caps by signaling at the month of festivities emerging on the other side. Working out the soothing moments, Bauer Media has launched ‘Magic 100% Christmas’ four months before Christmas.

The initiative is setting the euphoric mood by letting ears match steps with the Christmas tunes. The Christmas songs are raining at the station to unshackle the souls losing their bliss and might to the testing times. With most of the world thriving behind the doors, the initiative has come as a relief.

The magical tones are overshadowing the bleak times hovering around the alleys across the globe. They are alluring them to start lining down their Christmas plans. Some of the carols are making one land in the childhood lanes and recreate those iconic moments.

To their relief, the Christmas festival box is not going to fade away anytime soon. It is going to stay up around to lead the listeners into the Christmas month. Thus, the Christmas songs will keep the lines occupied for the next months until Christmas Eve.

Taking on the creative move by the company, Tony Moorey (Group Content Director at Magic Radio) shared, “(The company is always) evolving our offerings and launching innovative new shows and stations to ensure that we reflect our audience’s needs”.

Adding to that, he shared, “With listeners seeking cheer and fun during these challenging times and a strong understanding of how music and Christmas are interlinked, we knew that the next expansion of the Magic brand had to be around the joy of Christmas”.

The words have fallen in line with demands of the time prevailing around. The Christmas charm is gradually taking shape with the radio signals messaging its arrival with every tick of the clock. They are sending in the prod to help souls change the gears of their lives and switch to the happier space and healthy sphere.

Shedding light on the show, Ronan Keating (Magic Radio Breakfast presenter), shared, “2020 has been a hard year for us all – what better way to lift our spirits than bringing Christmas forward a few months? One of the most fulfilling parts of working at Magic Radio is to be able to connect with our listeners and bring a smile to their faces, so I can’t wait to launch Magic 100% Christmas and turn up the Christmas cheer!”

It’s time to turn the volume on for the Christmas bliss to float around!