A Dog Is Delivering Homemade Food To Neighbors During Lockdown

A woman named Kate Mitchell worked out a stunning way to spread bundles of joy around her community during the lockdown. The good lady wanted her 2-year-old companion- Sheldon (a British Bulldog) to live back his interactive days by making him go and greet the neighbors with home-made cookies packets. He is creating positive waves around the shut area.

With the days of lockdown passing away like winds, people continue to stare at the authorities to get a signal of relief. Not just humans but their companions are also going through the period of isolation. Like their owners, they also wait eagerly to see the rays of a new dawn. One of them is a 2-year-old Sheldon.

The British Bulldog is a well-known figure in Worthing. He used to accompany his owner- Kate Mitchell to her makeup studio- Kate Mitchell Makeup Studio. The friendly canine used to spend his day by greeting staff and clients with his blitheful activities. His interaction with people powered him up. But the orders of lockdown to combat corona virus-outbreak took a toll on his daily bliss. Kate could see the impact of isolation on the creature.

To bring cheers back, she decided to take up a plan respecting the frontiers of the locked world. She got her apron on to bake some cookies. Packing them carefully, she braced Sheldon for the delivery task. She put the cookies in his custody and set him off to greet the neighbors with sweet delight!

Following the instructions of his owner, Sheldon made his way around to deliver the cookies to the neighbors. His efforts paid him back with the love and well-wishes of the receivers. Thus, the dog managed to get his days of lively interactions back to some extent. Now, the delivery spree has become a new normal for Sheldon. He goes around filling the dump space with joys by delivering the doses of sweetness. To let the waves take on all the well-wishers, Kate is planning to take the initiatives to the doors of her employees.

She is basking in the success of her noble deed. The locked souls are bubbling with joy on finding Sheldon at their doors to deliver the sweet gesture. They have expressed their gratitude to Kate and Sheldon.

Taking on the joyful reactions of the receivers, she said, “The look on some of their faces was beautiful – Sheldon is a very popular and loved dog in the area anyway so people welcomed him in for a quick cuddle! I waited outside obviously. I even had one person message me saying, ‘thank you, that made my day’”.

Shedding some light on her lockdown experience, she shared, “Sheldon and me have been self-isolating alone due my other half being a key worker who works away from home. Honestly, he has made this time so far a breeze!”

Finally, we have someone who is all up to take on the outbreak with deeds shimmering with love and care.