9-Year-Old Started Fundraiser To Provide Meals To Hungry Kids

A nine-year-old boy named Noah Whitehead has taken to becoming a Good Samaritan by initiating a fundraiser program. The little angel was breathing unease after he came to know that many of the children in Liverpool would go hungry during the half-term break. So he put up video requesting others to pool in a chunk for the cause.

No matter by what force the winds of materialism churn, some kind-hearted souls turn up back and forth to salvage the beacon of humanity. They water the plants of goodness and encourage their counterparts to take to the same trend. Age is certainly no bar for that to thrive on. A nine-year-old boy named Noah Whitehead has testified the fact through his golden deeds and words.

The little nugget from Liverpool has got the guts to look beyond the picture books and fantasy that his counterparts love the most. He observes and assimilates the circumstances thriving around him. The spirits of goodness make him stand out in the world. His recent act brought that to the fore.

Liverpool schools were nearing half-term break. That meant that the free meals supply would halt for some time. He got perturbed when he came to know that many of his counterparts would have to bear with the beast of hunger as they would not be getting free meals during the half-term break. His heart was experiencing the waves of disdain. Then, he stumbled across a charity that had put on its sleeves to plug the imminent hunger.

He made up his mind to donate his part. But he knew that would not be enough to reach out to every hungry soul. Thus, he decided to gather help around through the technological medium. He shot a video requesting all and sundry to contribute for the cause, and then uploaded it on Facebook. He had expected it to rake around £50.

To his delight, his efforts overshot his and St Andrew’s Community Network’s calculations and expectations. The heart-touching video travelled miles to garner support in favor of the drive. It managed to allure more than £1700 for the program, making him a hero for the receivers at the other end.

In the video, he said, “Earlier this week I heard on the news that some children might go hungry this half term and the Government will do nothing to help them. I personally think it is heartbreaking that other children go hungry and I want to help them. So I’m going to give some money to charity that helps other families in Liverpool, so some children might not go hungry. I’d love it if you would join and give some money to the charity. It’s important we help each other as children, so please help me raise as much money as possible”.

Not just his followers but his parents too have lost their hearts to his altruism. His father named Ben Whitehead said, “Me and his mum are so proud of him. It shouldn’t take a nine year old to make up for a government’s failings, but the passion he has to help other children who need it most, has been incredible”.

He also said, “He couldn’t understand why the government would leave children like him hungry through no fault of their own. So he wanted to see if he could inspire his class to give some pocket money to help. He gave his, and asked others who could help to try”.