4-Year-Old With Half Heart Donated Gifts To Kids In Need

It does not matter how much you have to give something to somebody else. Usually, people rich with wealth are poor at heart. A child with half a heart proves that you do not have to be rich to make people happy or give people things to make them happy. The intentions should be good and positive.

4-year-old, Elliot Wyche is a special child with not only a half heart but a heart of gold. Elliot was born with a half heart known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He just has the left side of his heart but has never complained about the difficulties he has to face because of this syndrome. He always stays optimistic and full of life.

According to the Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC), 1 out of 3,841 babies that are born in the United States every year suffer from hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Since Elliot was born he has undergone multiple heart procedures and surgeries to live like any other normal person. He has faced many complications in the heart procedure and surgeries and still, his heart not only beats for him but the less fortunate as well.

Elliot’s parents have started a family Facebook page where they update Elliot’s progress and story regularly so that it can help and inspire others suffering from the same syndrome and otherwise as well. His parents often say and update his story using “Half the heart, twice the fight,” caption. It is motivating, inspiring and gives strength to others fighting the same battle. The young boy has never given up and always puts up a fight with whatever he faces with courage.


When the holidays came inspired and motivated by his story people came forward and decided to gift Elliot gifts. He was overjoyed upon hearing this news but had different plans for all the gifts he received. All the supporters from near and far sent Elliot loads of gifts. Elliot had a plan to distribute all the gifts he will be receiving to the children who want them and cannot afford to buy them.

His parents got in touch with the Arlington Police Department, who plays the role of Santa every holiday and distributes gifts in the community. Hearing about this news and witnessing Elliot’s kindness presents came flooding in during Christmas at Arlington’s Police Department. Arlington’s SWAT team showed up in their full gear to pick up all the presents and were inspired by Elliot’s kindness. One officer even shared his thoughts about Elliot that “He’s going through so much, but he’s giving back. He’s my hero.”

With Elliot on their team, they distributed all the presents in their community. Elliot even received his police vest and checked out the SWAT team remote-controlled robot in their truck. He shared his experience of the whole thing and said: “My heart is going to be beeping tonight, and I don’t know what to do.”

Elliot’s story has not only given courage and strength to others but has also sent the right message about the holiday. What the holidays are really about. Be thankful for what we have and always giving and make others happy. It is one inspiring and motivating story.