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Inspiring Story Of A Man Who Lost 400 Pounds And Overcame Food Addiction

Level Up June, 19, 2024

By the time, we set our goals and become determined to achieve them, we will find that a proper mindset and determination is all that is required in order to achieve all our aspirations.

Chad Dean had been a chubby guy and being a teenager in Ithaca, NY, he put around 300-pound frame to work on his high school’s football team.

After his high school, Dean went to become a chef, but after an unsuccessful try, he switched to drive tractor-trailers across the country. He was passionate for driving and enjoyed all the trips made on the tractor-trailer.

He spent most of the time on the road and relied on eating chips, pizza, McDonald’s, and soda as this all was the only thing available at different truck shops.
Within a span of eight years, Dean gained weight and an upsurge from 400 pounds to 700 pounds was discovered. This was very dangerous, but Dean hardly focused as it wasn’t affecting his driving.

But in 2013, a humiliating interview changed the fate of Dean, and he made himself determined enough to grapple his weight.

This all happened when he was delivering the driving test component and he climbed up to the side of the truck and fell down.

By the time, Dean has undergone gastric bypass surgery and skin removal surgeries. Now, the weight of Dean is around 300 and is back to his normal schedule operating the big trucks, and driving it from Texas to Rhode Island and back each week.

The biggest step taken by him is that he has strictly evaded the fast-food from his diet and has stricken to healthy food as the part of his daily diet.

Dean also starred in the season 4 of “My 600-lb Life” on TLC. It’s amongst the biggest success stories of the show and Dean successfully kept off 400 pounds and successfully released his memoir, “I’m in Here Somewhere: Memoir of a Food Addict” on January, 15.
Well, we find that Dean has set an example of what our negligence can lead to and what all can be done to overcome our mistakes. Dean hardly took care of his health and faced several issues. But the time, he realized, he was motivated and determined enough to improve his health status.

It’s rightly said that health is wealth, and we, the sole proprietors of our health have the prime responsibility to maintain and take care of our health. The proper health can be maintained only if we have a concerned attitude, and we maintain a strict diet plan with a strict routine by allotting proper time to exercise.

By following all such activities, we can make our health better than what it actually is. Moreover, Dean sets an example of not losing hope and one should further recognize at an early stage and work in order to achieve proper health.

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