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Customer Left Teary – Eyed After Receiving a Note with Takeaway Order

Inspiring July, 24, 2024

The previous year had been quite difficult for everyone around the globe due to the pandemic. But a little kindness always seemed to lighten up someone’s day. In one such incident, a man was left in tears after he received a pleasing note from a restaurant staff along with a free garlic bread.

In a rough time period, a worker’s efforts and generosity managed to brighten an Australian man’s day. The man being unwell, decided to order some Fettuccine Carbonara pasta from a store. He wrote an apology letter with it for ordering late at night, when the store was about to close within a short span of 14 minutes. He even asked the staff to cancel his order if they had to do things in a rush. But explained them that he was not feeling very good.

In the note, the man wrote that he was sorry for ordering so late but he was sick and that he just woke up. He added, “I understand if you cancel [because] you're trying to close the store xx.”

However, the kind hearted staff decided not to cancel the order. Instead, he wrote a note back to the man and even gave him a free garlic bread. The worker’s note thanked the man for his message and asked him not to worry about the late order that he had placed. And assured him that they didn’t mind anything at all. He closed the note with “Here's free garlic bread to help you feel a bit better. It's kind messages like yours that really make my/our day better. Thank you.”

After getting his order, the man was moved by the kind gesture. So, he gave the store a five – star review on Google where he praised the staff, their service and the appetizing pasta. He penned that they gave him a garlic bread for home when he was unwell and wrote a sweet little message. Further he continued, “Personally I would like to give each and every employee a little forehead kiss, thankyou kings.” He also wrote that the broil cheese on the top of the carbonara made it so good that he was ready to cry for it.

The worker shared this review on Reddit saying that he had just found it on Google. He expressed how man’s visit made his day and he was pretty happy for the rest of the shift. Under the post, people left heart - warming comments. Appreciating the staff, many people said that the world needed more such human beings to increase others’ happiness.  

One user commented that it was so good to see the occasional person treating others thoughtfully with his service. A second wrote that the worker was a blessing because he was spreading positivity out to the world. Another comment read “Cheers to you and them. Now I want some garlic bread!” Someone else said that the ‘forehead kisses’ made him emotional.