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A Better Way to Get Rid of Dog Shit

Lifestyle May, 18, 2024

Tel Aviv has decided to maintain a database for the DNA details of the dogs and their owners. If they come across any event pertaining to dog poop found in public places, then a ticket will be issued to the owner and there’s a hefty fine. 

Cleaning the streets has become such a mess that this Israeli city had to come up with a better alternative. The hassle has multiplied to such an extent that the city officials of Tel Aviv had to combat this problem and find the ultimate solution. And obviously, witnessing half a ton of dog poop left on the street every single month is indeed a big concern.

However, the residents are still unaware of such misery, so they hadn't considered the consequences until now. Owning a dog is one thing, but taking care of the dung makes them a responsible owner. To find the possible solution, the city officials have made sure that the owners can’t escape away by just overlooking the issues that they've created. So, upon renewal or issuing of a new dog certificate, dog owners would be required to submit a DNA sample of their dog. The sample would eventually make it easier to find the owner when it’s needed. With the unfortunate samples left on the streets, the submitted samples would be compared. 

In addition, there will also be PIs (Poop Inspectors) on the street who are assigned the task of tracing the details of the dog as well as its owner with the help of left evidence. When it’s matched with the existing record from the database, a ticket will be issued to the dog owner. Moreover, the violation of the rule would cost $200 along with the additional charges for collecting samples and testing. Also, the new licenses won’t be approved without the submission of the DNA details. On the other hand, the rule isn’t valid for guide dogs and the ones belonging to animal protection societies.

The municipality said: “The existence of a DNA database of dogs in the city will make it possible to perform samples for feces on the street, thus enforcing the law against the dog owner even after the offense has been committed, in a way that will address the main challenge in enforcing and eradicating the phenomenon.” There was a divided opinion among the people on social media after the commencement of this regulation. Although it seems to be a daunting task for the owners to take care of it themselves, people will not have any discomfort as well while walking down the streets. 

The regulation was in response to the sudden proliferation in complaints since the last year to municipality concerning the dung problem. The city officials had received more than 6500 calls for the dog poop found in public places. The previous attempts to this trouble couldn’t bring any worthwhile results to the table, so it was the only thing that the officials could come up with. Above all, not many people will be going through the rigmarole of paying such a huge fine, if they all ensure the cleanliness of their surroundings. Plus, there also needs to be a system that makes them responsible. The municipality added, “The cleanliness of the public space is an integral part of the city’s appearance.”