Your Heart Finds Out What’s Wrong For You Before Your Mind Does

At times unknowingly our body voices itself to us before we are even aware of what’s it’s attempting to say. Sometimes, an opportunity rings our doorbell and we fail to hear it. At times, we are walking aal along with our compatible match and we fail to recognize them. When we move ahead in life, we unknowingly move away from some acquaintances and have no reason why we parted ways or drifted apart.

Occasionally our heart is aware of the erroneous things happening for us before our mind can detect it. That is the dicey trait of intuition: we assume that it will reach to us in the form a transparent, crystal clear glass image or a thought without any complications. It is presumed to be clear and immediate. Astonishingly it is neither of them. Sometimes, instinct exhibits itself as a doubt. When we are deeply uncertain about any doing or action of ours, it all has a reason behind it that is we are aware that the action is false that we are about to take.

Whatever we think or perceive is through our own mind so it should be clear to us, but somehow, we are lost in the thoughts. Above all instinct is pretends to be subtle action and not as a distinct knowing. Our personified wisdom and intelligence guide us to know that we are doing some things or acting upon without being aware of it.

The answer is not too complicated, our body language tells us all: crossing your arms or have a tensed vibe around a particular person. But sometimes the answer is complicated as well, we feel the need to take our career in the other direction and feeling anxious-not as a different feeling but as a warning. Deep inside we are aware that the particular opportunity is not for us. But the end is not we want or what is apt for us. Our mental narratives take the lead of our heart, as are our thinking or perceptions are audible but our instinct remains inaudible.

Our minds tell us: “This is what you need to do in order to be successful.”
Our minds tell us: “This person would be perfect for you.”
Our minds tell us: “This might be the best there is?”
Our minds tell us: “You’re running out of time.”
Our minds tell us: “It has to be this way.”

But you know it does not. At the same time when the opportunity, the person or the job arrives we are puzzled is it correct or not because we know it isn’t. We are being asked to realize our true and definite desires and intentions, what should be the fruitful outcome of our life. We are asked to explore new possibilities and outcomes. We are being driven to faith, to trust, and though the path is invisible to us somehow, we are expected to follow it.

Our heart alarms us by tensing our bodies, by providing a glimpse of doubt, we feel highly uncertain and actually we are reprogramming ourselves. There is a different path to success that will make you so happy. Out there is someone who is willing to promise you a lifetime of happiness. Maybe there is some opportunity that will knock your door and widen your horizons.