Woman Donated Kidney To A Man Her Late Husband Saved 16 Years Ago

A man suffering from severe kidney failure experienced the greatest miracle of his life. He was fortunate enough to receive a donor immediately after announcing the requirement. A lady from Florida, donated her kidney to him and received the tag of “An angel” in return.

Jeffrey Granger, from Wascissa, Florida was suffering from kidney failure for 16 years. Initially, he received a kidney from a very noble man, late Bryan Herrington in 2004. Bryan died due to a work-related accident. He decided to donate all the organs after his death. Thus, 16 years back, his organs were donated to various people and Jeffrey was one of them who received his kidney. Bryan’s kidney proved to be a life-saver for Jeff.

Moving on, when Bryan died, his wife, Terri was left all alone with the struggles of life. She is a mother of a single daughter. When she lost her beloved husband, she tried to take a different approach towards life and how she was going to spend the rest of it without him. Her husband’s kindness was always an inspiration for her to do good deeds in life.

Therefore, she announced the donation of Bryan’s organs within a month of his death. She was pleased to receive the feedback from the very first donor who told her about how his life was changed. This feedback moved her a lot. She considered it as a healing process for her family.

Even after helping Jeffrey with her husband’s kidney, the 49-year-old Terri stayed in touch with him. Last year, 59-year old, Jeffrey posted on his social media handle about his reappearing kidney problems and also that he was in utter need of a donor or else he would be back to dialysis.

The kind-hearted Terri, immediately texted him “You’re getting mine”. Initially, Jeffrey considered her comment as a joke but she reassured him that it was no joke and she was serious. In addition, she expressed her desire to become a living donor. She was then tested to see if she was a match and miraculously, she was.

The pair underwent the transplant surgery on March 3, 2020 and it was successful. After this, Jeffrey called Terri as an Angel and expressed his gratitude towards her. He added that, “She is a single parent and God’s gift of a parent, too”.

He considered her act of kindness as a miracle in his life as he was given a second chance to live. He was not sure of finding a way to repay Bryan and Terri’s favor in his whole life. Finally, he said, “The world definitely needs more selfless people like Terri”.