This Granddad Graduated From College At The Age Of 81

There’s no age to study and to complete your degree. This is a very famous statement used to motivate people. This statement was proved right by a man in St. Petersburg, Florida. Brandy, who graduated at the age of 81 and broke all the stereotypes of completing a degree within a certain age.

Brandy completed his graduation at 81 from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. He is not only the father of three children but also a grandfather of eight. He had proved that it is never too late to complete education. The only requirement is to be dedicated enough. He did his graduation in General Studies.

Brandy was born and brought up in Birmingham, Alabama. After his school, he joined Universities like Samford University, University of Alabama and University of South Florida. Though he tried to complete his education many times but was not able to complete it for once. He left his college to have a family of his own. He wanted to enjoy life.

Brandy was a bright student and he had a brilliant career in aerospace. He had a successful career with a loving and caring family. Even so, he considered completing his graduation. His mother died in 2003. The only thing she asked for on her death bed was for him to complete his graduation.

The two things that Brandy’s mother taught him was to take care of the health and to honor words. According to her, if many people start saying things without meaning them, then promises will just become words and nobody would trust anyone. These words of his mother were still afresh in his mind. Nonetheless, he was determined to keep his words.

Thus, to wrap his graduation, he gathered all his graduation documents and realized that he needs to finish off just one class. He was too resolute to achieve this degree that he ended up earning a “B” in biology course focused on the wetland environment. This is how he set the seal on the degree on December 15.

No matter how good a student is but taking up studies after a long gap is way too difficult. Studying at the age of 81 was not a piece of cake for Brandy as well. There were times when he gave a thought to let it be. The only source of motivation for him was the teachings of his mother.

Brandy believed that his diligence would act as a catalyst for others. They would be inspired by his stories. This degree would motivate others to follow their dreams neglecting all the boundaries within which people set themselves.

Brandy set an example for his children as well. His younger son, Kyle, attended his convocation ceremony. Kyle was very proud of his father and was inspired by the way his father honored the words given to his grandmother.

Brandy’s success story proved that where there is a will, there is a way. Brandy believed that if he could do it anyone else could do it as well. A promise is a promise and if you are determined enough, you would find a way to fulfill the promise no matter how long it takes. Those who couldn’t fulfill their promise gives only excuses. We need more people like Brandy in our world, indeed!