This Florist Placed Bouquets On The Cars Of Frontline Health Workers To Thank Them

The pandemic that attacked the world in 2020 caused an upheaval but at the same time, it made us realize the importance of the frontline healthcare workers and other warriors that kept fighting this battle with the virus. Many people found thoughtful ways to thank these workers but one French woman’s heartwarming gesture has left us in awe of her.

Murielle Marcenac owns a floral shop named Marcenac Fleurs in Saint-Estève. Recently, she found out that she would have to temporarily close her store due to the new public health restrictions being imposed.

This news might push people into a room of despair and disappointment, but Marcenac decided to take the news in her stride and spread light amid the challenging times.

“I had to make a decision, and I didn’t want to waste the flowers. Instead of crying, I told myself that we had to make people smile, especially at times like these,” she shared.

She gave all the fresh new flowers that she had ordered not so long ago for her shop to the local hospital workers. This kind-hearted florist wanted to express gratitude to the frontline workers and she found a magnificent way to do that!

Marcenac picked up all the stunning flower arrangements and bouquets from her shop and placed them on the cars parked in the hospital parking lots in her area. This was her way to tell them how thankful she is for their constant service.

This 38-year-old woman even uploaded a few pictures from the hospital in nearby Perpignan on her Facebook account as she mentioned in her caption. Even though a flower or two for every car would have been amazing, she chose to place an entire floral arrangement on every vehicle parked there.


She didn’t stop there and gave away more bouquets at the Centre Hospitalier de Carcassonne, a medical center in the south of France. The hospital shared some pictures on their Facebook page that showed Marcenac performing the good deed.

Marcenac expressed, “The emotion of the people warmed my heart. Positivity generates positivity. I preferred to focus on a few positive things rather than crying. I had already bought the merchandise for my orders for the week.” She added that it made no sense “to waste or throw them away.”

“The people thank me for my support and my approach because at the moment it’s complicated. They need it, we have to support each other at times like these and not get angry.”

This florist had a team that helped her accomplish the thoughtful task at several hospitals around that area. The blossoming presents reached many hospital workers as she donated about 2,000 bouquets.