Texas Man Created The Lego Version Of Disneyland

It is still translucent to observe when everything is going to open up after the pandemic. Many people who have always adored exploring several places have halted their journey for now. Places like Disney Parks have also been closed for a while.

But if someone’s a true fan, there needs to be another way found out. That’s how John Daughtery from The Colony, Texas obtained similar versions of Disney Parks in an amusing way. Besides, he had already been working on its construction for the last three years. All of it recreated to get the same Disney Park feeling at home. There are other instances as well where people have created virtual versions of Disney.

He started creating his Disney Lego empire in 2017. The idea came when he had picked the Cinderella Castle Lego set. Now, building up a castle is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of effort to put every piece with so much precision. Altogether, 4,080 pieces were needed to create the Daughtery’s version of the Magic Kingdom. Albeit working on the project was very excruciating, the outcome was relaxing on the other side.

Posted by John Wayne Daugherty on Friday, May 8, 2020

Daughtery prefers building more things like the Kingdom as it makes him feel like a therapy session. So, to continue on this path, he picked up various Disney Lego sets and spent his time producing more artworks. As of now, he totaled the time he had put in. It sums close to 300 hours to create 25 Lego sets. However, he had not displayed his artistry to the world. This demonstration idea kicked in during the coronavirus lockdown. Daughtery decided to put all the Lego sets together to form a Disney replica park.

He also shared the pictures on Facebook. Main Street USA, Marvel Land, a carousel, a merry-go-round, a treehouse, a pirate ship, etc. are some of the things that have been recreated by Daughtery in his precious 300 hours. Along with them, several Disney characters were also made to complete the pleasant scene.

Prior to the lockdown period, many of his Lego sets were lying around the house; some in cabinets and some in the bedroom. Daughtery informed the GMA that his wife tolerates his hobby. Though if there was a time to bring it all out, it was during quarantine. His wife, Bonnie, doesn’t seem to be much interested in her husband’s hobby. However, after a little talk, she agreed to put all of the Lego sets in the dining room to represent it.