Texas Father-Son Duo Graduated Police Academy Together

A father supporting his child to achieve and work for something he's always wanted and longed for is quite normal. But when both father and his son prep up each other and start their journey together to achieve something that they've always dreamed of, is pretty unusual. Rather rare and fascinating.

And if the dream is for serving their nation, it is even more fascinating. Working together, supporting each other at every step, learning from the other is what Winston and Christian Edmondson have been doing ever since. This father-son duo, like no other duo, had attended and graduated from the Tarrant County College Law Enforcement Academy in Fort Worth, Texas, together to fulfill their dreams. Christian Edmondson’s father, Winston Edmondson had previously served as a mayor of nearby Lewisville, Texas. He always wanted to widen the horizon of the local police department.

And by widen the horizon he meant to have more and more police officials who could serve. So by setting an example for others he initiated with the count by joining the law enforcement academy along with his son. He had been waiting for this moment from a very long time. He had not been just dreaming of this but he also kept on motivating both his sons to get into the law enforcement academy. For Christian Edmondson this was an opportunity he never wanted to miss.

Being able to work under the guidance of your father is every child’s dream come true. Similarly working with his father and learning a hundred new things was all what Christian wanted. This idea did not just benefit him but to both of them as it brought out the best in each other. As both father and son possessed competitive spirit, this was a not so easy challenge, in every aspect, be it academically or emotionally. This initiative of theirs helped them to come closer and built a really strong bond.

They both used to get up at 4:30 in the morning and then drive to the academy and even used to stay up late for the tests. The saying ‘hard work is the key to success’ was the most accurate one in this case. Christian had been selected and was now going to work with the Flower Mound, Texas, Police Department. This was all because of Winston’s determination and hard work that Christian made to the Texas police Department. Winston aims to inspire even more people to come forward and work on themselves.

Texas has lots & lots of Police Departments which require more men and women who can contribute. And definitely more people like Winston and more of such father-son duos who are enthusiastic enough to motivate themselves as well the others. And to say not just Texas, every country should have people like these who love their country and want to work for its betterment. They’ve set an amazing example for all the people out there and hopefully there will be many more to come!