Teenager Helped His Bullied Classmate And 100 Other Foster Kids With New Clothes

Every action has an impact. Your every word has an impact. Whatever you say or do impact someone else’s life. The teenager’s story from Ohio clearly shows that. The teenager helped a bullied child get his new wardrobe. He also helped 100 foster kids get new clothes. This not only helped many but inspired many as well.

Brayden Martin, a 14-year-old freshman at Lakota East High School in southwest Ohio is an observant child with a heart of gold. He is compassionate, humble and caring for everyone. If he sees anyone in distress or a problem, he is there to help without any questions asked. He once saw one of his classmates in distress and having problems with other classmates. He quickly rushes to his classmates’ aid.

Over the years his classmate was bullied because of the clothes he would wear to school. His classmate had been wearing the same clothes to school over the years. His other classmates would get in his face because of the same and bullied him. They made fun of him for wearing the same clothes and did pranks on him.

The bullied child couldn’t do much but lash out his anger on others when he used to explode once in a while. No one could feel what he was going through but Martin did. He understood his anger and could empathize with his feelings. Martin shared “I know pain when I see it. I could tell he was just expressing his pain through anger. … I felt his pain on a mental level.”

Not able to withstand the bullying anymore Martin decided to help his classmate. He collected some of his nice clothes so that he could give them to his classmate who was regularly bullied because of the same clothes he would wear to school. Not only that but he used $60 from his savings so that he could buy some new nice clothes for his classmate.

This is such an inspiring young man. We are privileged to have him link arms with Hope's Closet to magnify the impact of his gift and vision!

Posted by Hope's Closet on Thursday, January 16, 2020

He did all the purchasing and put them in a nice duffle bag. He then presented everything to his classmate. Just for some positivity and record his classmate’s reaction he made a video of everything. Martin shared the video online and it did not take much time for it to get viral. But Martin decided to take it down so that he could protect his classmate’s identity.

Though the only reason to share the video was to make other people understand that everyone is fighting their own battle. If one cannot help them one should at least not add to their fights. He shared “I released the video to open people’s minds about what goes on at home to people who had everything handed to them and don’t understand real struggle. My generation is so closed-minded about pain, so I posted the video to open people’s minds.”

This is not where he stopped, he started a fundraiser page through which he was able to gather $8,000. Martin and his family were in a dilemma of what to do with all the money they had collected through the page. He with the help of a non-profit organization used the fund to support foster children and families with their new clothes. Hope’s Closet shared on their page about Martin and wrote: “This is such an inspiring young man.”