Teen Overcomes Negativity By Running Her First-Ever Marathon

One has to block the negativity and believe in themselves to excel in life. That is exactly one teen did. She believed in herself and blocked all the negativity. She completed her first marathon of 10,000 km by believing in herself and blocking all the negativity.

Scottish teen, Morgan Hay, from Glasgow, has a healthy routine of waking up early and going for a run first thing in the morning. The 17-year-old Scottish teen is in her final year at school. With the lockdown rules and regulations in place, the teen is isolating herself from her parents.

To run 10,000 kilometers and establish her personal best Morgan started her run on May 13. She had never run for such a great distance, her personal best was 4,000 kilometers to date. But with her self-belief, she broke her record and established a new personal best.

Despite being four times the marathon, Morgan said to herself: “I’m going to do a marathon today.” She did not have anything else than her porridge and a banana which she haves for her regular run. That day she did not even warm-up for the run, she just went out for a run with a new goal in her mind.

Though she is healthy and fit because of her regular running, exercise, and playing football. She completed her first half without any hassles and stops. But she decided to stop for a minute or two when she felt her legs might give out. He shared: “I hadn’t trained for it at all, I was really feeling the pain.”

She shared how she kept herself going and said: “I mentally had the determination, I think that’s how I pushed through to the end! I just have crazy motivational levels and thought why wait, why not just do it. I really feel that if you believe in yourself you can do anything you want to in life, having the right attitude is everything just block out negativity and also think positive!”

She shared her pictures after completing the 42.20k marathon and shared “I did cry quite a bit but only because I was proud and then the reaction I had from my friends and family was incredible, everyone was telling me how proud they are of me. I kept telling myself I’ve done a marathon and would just smile like I couldn’t believe I done it!”

“My family were amazed and so happy for me because I hadn’t told anyone I was going to do it, most people were surprised but they all know I’m a fitness freak anyway. My advice to anyone who has thoughts about running a marathon is, if you feel capable of doing it then go for it, I mean prepare better than I did of course but anyone can do it, you just have to believe!”

Morgan sure deserves a week off after establishing a new record. But the determination she has we are sure she will be back for her run soon.