Teen Followed His Passion Of Writing And Published 4 Books By Age 15

Tomie-Mickai Williams, a high school student of Kansas City, Missouri, was a young author who realized his interest when he was just 10 years old. So far he has four published books by his name and is now currently working on his fifth.

He became a published author in 2015 at 10 years old when his book ‘Mighty Boy’ was put up for sale at the stores. Four years later he wrote three more books and was unstoppable since then. He continued writing his fifth book and wished to write more.

He released a two books series for ‘Mighty Boy’ and a new series was called ‘Spirit Swords.’ Two of the ‘Spirit Swords’ books were already written, with the third one in progress. William explained that the feeling of accomplishment he gets after working on something for a super long time and finally finishing it is indescribable. There’s nothing that comes to it, nothing beats it.

His school friends always encouraged him for his writing efforts. He also cleared that other teens did not make fun of him and even if they did condemn him, he would not pay attention to it.

The genre which he focused on was fiction and therefore the main theme of his books was superheroes facing the villains. Along with writing, in the past five years, he has also learned how to promote his books in the market. His father played a role in helping him to shoot a commercial advertisement to make people aware that his book was for sale on Amazon, Apple Books, and at Barnes and Noble.

William told that sales so far have been really good. He also got a review earlier on Barnes and Nobles. It was a 5-star- review. They loved it. He also told that he enjoyed writing books and was thinking about going to college and carry on with writing books as an adult too.

It was not that he didn’t face any difficulties during the process of writing. He had his bit of challenges. He wanted to inspire others by letting them know how he gets the better of those challenges.

His advice to his fellow fans was that if you really want to do something with whole dedication, there would be nothing that could hold you back. All you need is confidence. Just go out and do it!