Teacher Recreates Knitted Doll Versions Of Her Class During Lockdown

Come what may, if you know how to go with the flow, there are numerous ways to keep your head up during the hard times. The COVID-19 outbreak has undoubtedly, led to disassociation as far as we can see. However, spreading love is independent of this deracination.

Even the teachers have created their distinctive ways to stay connected with the students. In the same way, Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin, a teacher at an elementary school in Haarlem, Netherlands commemorated her class of 23 kids. As she had enough time during the lockdown, she decided to create tiny dolls as the kids’ copy version.

The artistry has been applauded by many on the Internet. Miss Ingeborg prepared them all with so much intricacy that they look exactly like their original ones. Be it freckles, glasses, or a particular hairstyle, she precisely created them along with their school uniforms. In an interview with the NH, the country’s public broadcaster, Miss Ingeborg stated that she got the idea after observing some knitted dolls on Pinterest.

Therefore, she came up with hers to recreate the replicas of her entire class. Surprisingly, each doll took almost three to four hours during the preparation. This shows how much strenuous effort she has put in. After finishing the whole project, she shared a picture of it with all the parents and kids. Plus, she did not even put the names beside each one of them, but still, every student could easily discern his own kind.

Primary school teacher Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin, from the Dr. H.Bavinck school in Haarlem, missed her students so…

Posted by Stuff Dutch People Like on Thursday, May 7, 2020

However, the simulacrum seemed incomplete without her doll version. When everyone asked to make one of her own, she did the same to complete the class and it took her another two hours. Her school shared a picture of her arduous work on a Facebook page Stuff Dutch People Like. The responses inundated with appreciation. People suggested her to make dolls of her colleagues too. Besides, they had a vision that she is soon going to be famous.

Everyone shared their responses with delightful praise. A person on the Facebook group wrote: “I love the teacher’s creativity and her dedication to her students during this pandemic.” Someone else said: “Amazing people have come to the forefront of late amidst all the sadness.”

Also, several others advised keeping Miss Ingeborg’s artwork in the school or the local community as memorabilia. It will always be remembered when we would look back on the invidious journey we are currently going through. Amidst all tribulations, some people never ceased to bring a smile on our faces.