Students Built A Crossing Guard Robot To Keep Pedestrians Safe

The main aim of technology is to make the normally tedious and daunting tasks easier and more accessible to the common human consumer. This is what seems to be the ideas behind the “Crossing-Guard Robot '' made by the students to help pedestrians to cross the roads in the very heavily trafficked Ohio streets.

The current generation requires very simple yet effective solutions for problems the human race face throughout their life. This is exactly what theses grade-schoolers did for their robotics club. These students heard a piece of news in which one of the local leaders quoted that a single county alone, Hamilton County, saw 11 pedestrian deaths last year. This made these intellectual minds to churn their minds. After great thought and hard work, they made “The Gatekeeper”.

The Gatekeeper is made by the students of the Nativity School’s robotics team in Cincinnati, who are all grade-schoolers. The youngest one is from the Fifth grade and the oldest was from the eighth grade. These grade-schoolers were aware enough to think of a solution to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents in the country. Thus, reducing the deaths in the nation. Therefore, they made this robot to make the pedestrians feel safer.

Posted by Nativity School on Monday, February 3, 2020

The Gatekeeper is a robotic crossing guard that moves when someone on the crosswalk moves. It’s outfitted with lights and a big stop sign. It’s tough to miss or ignore it. Thus, it completes its task to draw the attention of the driver and stop his car. This project has been a bit tedious and time-consuming. The students had to be on tips with all the know-how of robotics beforehand. But with a bit of personal research and the help of their coaches they were able to make a prototype. They recently took the Gatekeeper to thestate’s first “ First Lego League” competition, a guided, global robotics competition aimed at engaging children ages 9 to 16 in research, problem-solving, coding and engineering.

Their teacher cum coach Kathy Zubelik was pretty proud of her students and said that she was amazingly proud of their love. She further added that the students have turned some heads in the right direction. They have been receiving a lot of encouragement and appreciation from all sides. The Police Specialist Mike Flamm called the Robot a unique idea that hasn’t been tried and hasn’t been explored. Sharon Gray with the Hamilton County Safe Communities said that this was something that was pretty doable within the city. Time shall be the only witness to the statement. One of the team members and sixth-grader student, Christopher Farinu had some words of gold. He said that Science is important because one can learn great things from it, and take what you learn and put it out in the world.

You never know you might be seeing a “The Gatekeeper” helping you cross the road soon enough.