Student Becomes A Human Bench For An Elderly Woman In An Elevator

Stepping up to give someone a handout is a great quality of being a human. When a college student had his chance to be helpful, he did it in the best way possible even if the situation demanded something different from usual when he had to actually step down in order to help an old lady.

There’s always an incomparable ecstasy when you help out someone. And it all depends on what the people around you need, which led to somewhat an unconventional way of helping in this case. Cesar Larios, a 23-year-old college student had to help an elderly woman when they were both stuck in an elevator.

Cesar works for HUNKS (Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Students) in Tampa, Florida, which is a moving company that had asked him to help someone to move from a 10-story building. On one of his trips to the building’s elevator, he was there with Rita Young, a 79-year-old woman. Unfortunately, in the midway, they were both trapped as the elevator stopped working.

Being an elderly woman with health issues, panic had already seized Rita when she was stressed out and she suffered from claustrophobia. Moreover, her mobility issues added more to her miseries and she was unable to stand for a longer duration even with a walker. Cesar had called for help at that moment but no one had an idea about how long it’s going to take to help them both. On the other hand, Rita was having more discomfort and realized that she won’t be able to stand any longer.

This is when Cesar came up with a great idea to help her out. Maybe becoming a chair would be enough to ease off her pain and this is what he did. “She was so thankful,” he admitted. Molding himself to be of any help, Cesar was on his hands and knees on the elevator floor to provide Rita the same comfort as that of a bench. He asked her to sit on his back, to which she agreed.

His efforts proved to be truly effective as it took almost 30 more minutes to get them out of the elevator. Co-Founder & President of College HUNKS Nick Friedman said, “I thought this was a great example of old-fashioned service and helping your fellow neighbor.” “Our company mission is to Move the World both literally and emotionally, and this is an example of our brand coming to life,” he added.

Cesar’s mom, Olga Lourdes Ruiz Velasco, was so elated to read several comments on the post where her son was praised for his efforts. She added that she’s proud of him. A user commented: “The age of chivalry is not confined to the history books! What a gent!”

The company, HUNKS, doesn’t simply hire college students to begin working, but they all have to undergo a training program called ‘HUNKS University’. The program teaches them to exhibit their leadership quality and also provide the best of services to help their customers be free of any concern.