Struggling Mom Received An Anonymous Note With Food At Her Doorstep

This is about a mother who had five children. One day she received some food packages for herself as well as her kids. Alongside there was a note which said that food deliveries were done anonymously around the community and someone had put her name forward to receive one. That made her day and she was overwhelmed.

We all have learned a golden rule which said that we should treat others the way we ourselves want to be treated. It was a basic rule and, in its simplicity, we would always find kindness and fairness. What if we did more for others than we expected ourselves? It has been scientifically proven that doing good deeds for other people is actually good for us. It decreases stress, makes one feel better both physically and mentally, boosts productivity, and even increases our life expectancy. Most importantly, it makes us happy.

A mother named Emma Frost, who was from Blaconin Cheshire, was overwhelmed as she received a heartwarming note and some bags filled with food, from an anonymous person. Emma was a mother to five children. She was a bit stressed and was struggling in her life. Receiving the note and food packets from a stranger really moved her into tears. She got emotional as in today’s world finding people like them were next to impossible! She was upset that day and that gesture brightened her day!

It was in October, when there was a knock on the door. Emma’s daughter ran to open the door. She found a handwritten note and two full bags of shopping with five children’s lunches that were lying on the floor. She told her mother and Emma was in shock. She read the note and was in tears. It was totally unexpected to her. The note read that the anonymous person was delivering food in the community and someone had put her name forward to receive one.


It was further written that lunches were also being distributed for children from Monday to Friday. She was asked whether to receive them. If not, she was supposed to send a text message regarding the same. Otherwise, the lunches for the kids would be delivered at her place between 10:30 and 12pm. Moreover, the note said that she need not come to the door. The person will knock the door, drop the packages and leave silently. It was just a small gesture from the stranger’s family to hers!

Emma said that along with her, all her children were shocked and surprised to see the packages. It was more of a shock for them because they were sent by an anonymous person. She wanted to genuinely thank the person for such a sweet gesture. She wasn’t doing well that day and that just made up for it! She very much appreciated the efforts put in by the person. She said that it felt so good to see people spreading humanity around.

The government had recently opposed plans that were put forward by Labor to extend free school meals into half term. In her opinion, Emma said that the government had made a wrong decision as there were more families in a worse situation than hers.