Stacey Solomon Offered To Write To Her Lonely Instagram Followers During Lockdown

Launching #PandemicPenPals, Stacey Solomon, initiated to help her followers who were struggling during this lockdown. The 30-year-old actress came up with the idea after she wrote a letter to her mother when she was feeling down.

She shared about her feelings on her Instagram stories. While writing a letter to her mother previous night, it helped her to clear her thoughts and write them on a piece of paper. It helped her to sleep much better that night. When she woke up and read the messages of her fans who were missing their family and were really struggling, she came up with an idea which she thought might sound silly.

She said that if there was anyone who was having a hard time and had no one to talk to or if anyone wants to let out their feelings, they could write a letter and tag her. She promised to reply to each letter and send it back. She thought that this might help to keep their mind away from all the chaos for a while. She said, “I definitely loved putting pen to paper and taking my mind away for a bit before bed. We can be #PandemicPenPals and look out for each other.”


The idea of the hashtag came to The Loose Women star after writing a letter to her mother when she was feeling sad and anxious. She shared a picture of her notebook, a pen and a trusty Diam bar on her lap and hoped that everyone was okay. While sharing the picture, she wrote that she felt very strange that night as she was going to write a letter to her mother. Most of the days her mother was usually with her to help her with her kids while she was at work. She even spoke to her but it made her tummy flip a bit.

Stacey, who became a mother at the age of 17, said that she could not have been able to raise her kids without the help from her mother. She added that it might sound sad but her mother is the only person she goes to whenever she feels nervous. Even at the age of 30, her mother knows how to make her feel better. Stacey missed her mother’s cuddles and kindness.

She concluded by saying that she hoped that it did not sound like she was moaning or complaining about anything. She was just missing her mother. She knew that she was lucky to be self-isolating with her three kids but the thought that some people were not able to be with their family and loved ones, was unimaginable for her.

The alum of The X Factor is in quarantine with her boyfriend Joe Swash and their son Rex and her two kids, Leighton and Zachary. Stacey updated her fans with her lockdown antics on social media and admitted that she was struggling to homeschool her kids.