Rise Above Your Trauma And Live Your Life The Way You Want To Live

A Trauma, well, can be traumatizing. A trauma is some negative event that occurred in your life with the inability to cope up with it. In a typical scenario, trauma, especially psychological trauma can leave you with anxiety, distressed and feel disconnected.

In the words of Judith Lewis Herman:
“The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma.”

You would sense a feeling of danger while experiencing a sudden detachment from your surroundings. Trauma can occur from various experiences, or a single experience and to varying degrees. Some can overcome a trauma, while someone else’s can have a deep-full impact for the rest of their lives.

There is no definite theory of what exactly trauma is and how it occurs. The most common phenomenon is when you have suffered from a negative event, but lacks the quality of emerge from it. Even if you forget your experience, a direct or indirect situation can put you in the similar fight or flight stance. Many have argued that there can be other instances too for the occurrence oftrauma, like being passed down through genes or maybe through a slow process of observing behaviors and patterns.

So, what happens when your trauma reoccurs? One thing that is probably the most important part of learning about trauma is that despite trauma being inbuild in you mentally, it’s the physical restrain that you feel when you are going through it. You would feel it in your body, not in your mind. Fear, guilt, anxiety and/or sadness processes through your body. Even when the situation is resolved, you would still over-react and panic. That is TRAUMA.

Feeling trauma through your body can be helpful as it helps to identify where the problem lies most. So, whenever you experience yourself in a do or die situation, think where your body reacts more to. Half the solution lies in the psychoanalyzing the situation. However, like I said, only half of the solution. When it comes to solving, you should relax, meditate, breathe, until you relax yourself again. Whatever finds you more appropriate. But if you want to break the problem from its roots, then you need to fight the fear.

It’s obviously easier said than done. While experiencing it, you just have to take yourself out from the anxiety and panic mode. And then, you must convince yourself, that you are safe. The more untreated a trauma goes, larger will be the demon. And the most viable solution is to go back to where it started in the first place. if you have a fear for heights, travel in a plane. If you have a fear for water, go underwater. Obviously, with complete safety. If the process goes smoothly, you will find yourself relaxing. But it’s a regular process. You have to continue unless, you don’t feel your body tighten when facing your fear. The thing is, our trauma stops us from doing what we truly love. When healing from it, you really realize that this what you wanted all along. Not to side-step it, but to overcome.