Restaurant Introduces “Bumper Tables” To Enforce Social Distancing

Since the world is now in the phase of reopening, social distancing guidelines are necessary to be followed. Amidst the rising cases worldwide, steps are being taken to get everything back to normal. But when it comes down to business, it's all about enlightening your mind to find some great ways of bringing in the profit.

For the same reason, restaurants are implementing several techniques to attract visitors. There has been noteworthy progress in such ideas. This can also be seen in Maryland where a waterfront restaurant has enforced social distancing measures in a way that cannot be more interesting.

Owners at Fish Tales in Ocean City, Maryland, the US, have bought custom-made “bumper tables’ to keep all of its visitors at least 2m apart. All these bumper tables are covered with large inner tubes. All these custom-made tables appear to be 45 vinyl records which are fixed on wheels so as to let the visitors walk inside the restaurant’s area with it. Be it the parking lot, the bar area with having to enjoy their drinks and food all around, the idea is so fascinating.

As there has been a little ease in the restrictions, Maryland has been prepared to open with a multi-phased recovery plan. As for the first stage of this plan, retail businesses, manufacturers, houses of worship, and services like barber and salon are expected to open with a certain threshold on maximum gathering at a time.

Following this stage, restaurants are only being opened for home delivery and take away services. Besides, states who have permitted to make dining available at restaurants are ensuring social distancing with their unique ideas. Moreover, the testing of these bumper tables was carried out by the employees, as noticeable in the Facebook Live video.

Fish Tales Bar & Grill owners Shawn Harman and Donna Harman have come up with the idea to make the rules more pleasant for the diners. Shawn Harman said: “I mean, it’s a novelty, it’s cool. It’s a great photo opportunity for them.”
“If you put the two tables together, you can’t get within 6 feet of each other — and it’s fun,” said Donna Harman.

For the making of these bumper tables, her cousin gave her a handout as she runs Revolution Event Design and Production in Baltimore. After several weeks of conversation, they finally decided to give it a try. Besides, these tables can also be sold or rented, if needed. However, the permission for dining is still on hold, so there’s no surety to when these bumper tables would be put into use.

Shawn Harman added: “Our goal for this year is to be here next year. It’s as simple as that. We just want to make sure our employees are taken care of, and they can make enough money to get through the winter.”