Reminder To Those Who Feel Alone

To begin with, one thing everyone must understand, you are not alone no matter what the situation is. It is not mandatory that the loved ones are not touched by a heart-breaking phase. Everyone everywhere experienced this time and again. On finding a home-like love, they tried to put in as many efforts as they can from their side but still failed to sing to the hearts of other people. Despite of baring the most precious parts of their souls, they were walked away from.

The only thing holding them back in spite of all the failures and broken relationships is that each heartbreak would lead them to something better. A failure never means loneliness. Success came to many brilliant thinkers and doers in the world after a lot of failures that they experienced from time to time. Despite of putting all their energy and hard work to make their ideas work, they were rejected. It was only their determination that set them apart and try again.

Moving further, all the readers must keep one thing their mind that, you are not alone facing soul-crushing sadness. Moreover, there are many happiest people getting their joy stripped from their bones time and again. But they still managed to recognize renewed pleasure in simple existing. Happiness slipped from the very tight grip of their mind even after savoring every moment and focusing on positives.

However, they always knew that “The sun always returned after darkness has passed”. When you are unable to step ahead of something, you must not feel sad about being the only victim of this. There are millions of most driven people feeling like they could not bear another step forward. They even lacked faith in the path they chose for themselves. Nevertheless, they trusted the universe to be in their favor and also believed that their loved ones would always stay by their side. Still, the kind of losses they had were gut-wrenching.

The only thing left within them was a hope for a better tomorrow. Many a times you might be feeling lost. But you are not alone facing this. Even the most confident people were overtaken by confusion at various points in their lives. The future seemed to be clouded with darkness for them. Still and all, they studied every map, followed the words of wisdom and still were left questioning their purpose.

It was only their trust that everything would work out for the best that hold them back. Like others, your problems will be mended and each heartbreak will be fruitful leading to something better. Like others, you too will be determined to try again. Just like others, a better tomorrow is waiting for you. Everything will work out for the best. In the nutshell, ‘You are not alone’.