Remind Yourself That Surrendering Is Not Failure

Holding onto something is not always the way to win your battles. One has to believe in the process of the universe and surrender to it to move forward. Holding onto something just adds unnecessary weight. The weight that can be dealt with by surrendering oneself to a situation but believing in yourself.

Holding onto things, circumstances, and most importantly people only makes you feel heavier. Sometimes we try to hold on so tight that rather than helping ourselves we end up hurting ourselves. Yes, we have cared a lot, helped selflessly, and still end up with pain. But what we did and where we helped selflessly was not helping selflessly.

We had certain expectations that were not fulfilled and that led to hurt and pain. We hold on to these expectations, people, and things so tightly as if our lives will end if we let go of these. But once you let go of all of it you will feel light and at peace. you will realize that you were not holding onto people, expectations, and things but the unnecessary weight that was only giving you pain.

A person or a thing is never a missing piece in your story, you are enough just the way you are. If one needs a better life with peace in it one has to improve their relationship with oneself. The missing piece is your relationship and bond with yourself. One can find peace, happiness, and love within oneself. All you have to do is believe in the process of the universe and yourself.

Surrendering to yourself and the universe is not a failure but it is the first right step towards a happy, peaceful, and successful life. Successful life is not measured by the bank balance, size of the house, and the number of cars or the brands you wear. You have survived this far try to live for the next part of your life.

You have done so great this far and you are exactly where you need to be because better is yet to come. All you have to do is surrender and believe. There is a bigger purpose and role for every one of us to play while we breathe. Let us surrender and put our inner energies towards something good and positive.

Be true to yourself, surrender to your innate self. Surrendering to yourself does not make you weak but it is the bravest thing that one can do. You might think that you do not have the capacity or power for it. But once you surrender you will realize how much energy and capacity you have within yourself.

The capacity one has is enough to make a difference. To bring in change for good. Hope, faith, and love are some words that we believe in. but we try to find the meaning of all these words in situations and other people. There are so much love and faith in you, try to share it with yourself. Remember surrendering is not a failure, but the start of the journey where you will find love, peace, and success.