Prioritizing Yourself Is Not Selfish, Its Self-care

It happens often that you find yourself in a situation where helping yourself seems a selfish act to do. Giving yourself to the monotony of life, a person sometimes cultivates relationships that are toxic for himself and affect one’s mental peace. To have the awareness to end such relationships and cut those toxic people out of your life is not something a person should feel guilty about.

Even when the love you have for them doesn’t let you do what is right for your mental but if they cared enough for you, they would respect your decision. It’s not a blame to be labeled on yourself for ending a bond but a blessing to be received to free yourself. Though it hurts to do so, it is the right thing to do. To prioritize yourself is a healthy self-care habit that people should learn.

By doing what is good for your mental health is a thing that one should feel proud of and one doesn’t need to re-think their decision that it might hurt someone in their surroundings. Out of all the care, people have for you, if they do not value your decisions, they are of no good to you. The right ones inspire you to do what your heart wills to do. One shouldn’t feel disappointed for taking a decision that will nurture their mental health. Making decisions for your career, relationships family means listening to yourself and not getting bothered by what your family, partner, or friends believe you should be doing.

Eventually, you should be responsible for your life decisions and your, not others values, beliefs, emotions, and opinions should rule your life. Trying to convince others rather than yourself is a shabby thing and people should refrain from doing so. Your happiness should be your priority even if it makes others mad. Communicating what hurts you or bothers you to the other person is the key to maintain peace and wearing a mask that everything is fine and staying silent and suffering inside is not the key to keep terms good.

Speaking out what bothers you is necessary to have a good headspace. If something feels wrong or someone’s actions make you drain in pain, letting them know is important and by doing so you do not become the bad person. Showing people when they cross a boundary is as much necessary as other self-care habits. Knowing when to refuse and taking a stand for yourself, being able to say no confidently are habits that bring you perpetual happiness.

Instead of trying to make everyone in the room happy you should first make yourself comfortable. Exhausting yourself and keeping everything that hurts you inside will make the situation worse. Sometimes showing the mirror to others and making them see their reality is important. At times, your decisions should make more sense to you. There is no obligation to prove your choices to others.

Listening to yourself does not mean ignoring others, it means considering all the points of view and doing what is best for you. Respecting everyone’s boundaries and then taking your decision is the correct way to appeal to the problems of daily life. Let yourself be not used by others. A little bit of compassion and a little bit of self-prioritizing always proves to blend in a positive sense.