People Are Fostering Pandemic Pets Amidst The COVID-19 Outbreak

Having a four-legged companion, who though speaks a different language yet understands your emotions, is no less than a miracle. Pets are babies that don’t grow up and stay forever cute. However, ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 has spread like wildfire and the world falls prey to the monstrous virus, there’s been news all over of people abandoning their pets.

Despite WHO clarifying multiple times that pets do not spread COVID-19 as such, the greatest devastation is the fact that people still continue to desert their furry pals. But wait there is also some good news, animal lovers all around the globe are opening their homes and hearts to welcome these babies until the find a family, and hopefully this time a forever one. Being quarantined and isolated, most of them find having pets at home equivalent to a meditation session. After all, laughter heals and who else can make us laugh hard than the dopeyish actions of these innocent ones.

In the city of New York that is the American epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak many savior organizations such as The Muddy Paws as well as the Best Friends Animal Society report a considerable increase in the number of pet fostering applications in the past few weeks. What adds to this joyous piece of news is the fact that many shelters such as the ones in South Florida, Minnesota and San Diego have run short of pets to give for fostering and adoption. Julie Castle the chief executive officer of Best Friends in her interview with the Bloomberg News mentioned that everyday people show up in numbers to adopt or propose for fostering these deserted babies.

Additionally in their Twitter post the rescue team talked about how people have shown up for these faultless souls in such grave hour. In order to increase adoption of stranded animals shelter homes are continuously thinking on their feet for novel and out of the box plans One such rescue home named Busch Beer has teamed with the Midwest Animal Rescue of Minnesota and are now producing a three months supply of beer cans and bottles with pictures featuring the adoptable animals.

Whilst on the other hand the Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the North Carolina has commenced a daily live streaming video that goes by the name of ‘Home Adopting Network’. Here they share the details of the animals available for adoption and also answer questions from prospective families. Although the shelter has shut down now, they still continue to do their work and accept applications and donations.

Another unique idea is the drive through pet adoptions or the adoption procedures where the costs have been waived off, are both finding quite a lot of support these days. However we must not forget that this is just the beginning and one has a lot more duties to fulfill than this towards the animals. Although many shelters due to the pandemic have shut down temporarily, yet they aim to continue with the adoption procedures as well as their original motive of rescuing. The task is all the more important as the spring time is near and as per the biological cycles, many females’ animals are all set to give birth.

If at all you are intending onto bringing home a furry look for the ones who need a family, you may consider visiting your local pet shelter.