Paralyzed Man Uses Exoskeleton To Walk On The Beach With His Kids

Simon Kindleysides suffered from an untreatable brain tumor. The former led to his paralysis. Fighting all odds, he managed to walk on the beach using an exoskeleton. The father of two also walked the London Marathon with the robotic aid. Simon became the first person to walk on sand using an assistive machine.

An exoskeleton is a supportive aid to the body. It as an outer framework to the body. It acts as an assistive device for the person. The aid helps the person to improve their functionality. Exoskeletons are activated by electric motors. The device increases the mobility of the person. It also reduces dependability on others. These devices help the person to become self-sufficient and independent in majority of situations.

Simon is father of a son and a daughter. Earlier as they visited the beach, he used to sit on the side. His only job was to see his children enjoying. Acting as a coat hanger he felt the need to change. He decided to get on the court. With his strong will power he moved to the sand. He did not let the technology’s shortcomings become a barrier.

Dating in 2013, Simon found out that he had a brain tumor. He was paralyzed and suffered from a stroke two years after. But soon a miracle happened. An unknown person paid £100,000 ($130,000) to Simon. Short while after his TV appearance this God sent stranger made Simon more able. The ReWalk robotic exoskeleton made him more functional.

Soon, he was able to spend more time with his children in activities rather than clinging on the bed. He explained: “Whenever I go to the beach with the kids, it’s always like ‘Daddy’s holding the bags and coats and stuff’ and I’m sitting at the side on the pathway. “Then, when I asked the ReWalk company, I said – just out of curiosity – have you got any reports around the world of ReWalk walkers attempting to walk on sand? “They said ‘no, no-one is brave enough’.”

This statement by the company energized Simon in a different way. He wanted to the road not taken. “It was a bit daunting at first,” he said. “I was a bit scared that I was going to sink in the sand, but I wasn’t going to let fear get in the way of walking on there with my kids because it had been 10 years for me”. The above statement showed his apprehension and also his happiness after the trial.

He had never walked with hi son or daughter on the beach. It was a memorable and cherished moment for the three of them. Simon also wanted to show the other ReWalk users that fear should never be a hurdle. They have nothing to lose. The life they had was to be fully utilized.

“If the company had told me not to, I would have done it anyway. When my consultant told me not to do the London Marathon because I’d put my body through so much stress, I did it anyway”. Simon was fully determined not to take a step back. He would have done anything to make memories. The two kids would not remember him for lying on the bed. But rather, for stepping out of his comfort zone.

Disabled People or as we call them People with Special Needs, have a need for pity in general. But some people like Simon don’t want that. Cancer and an assistive aid attached to his body, could not stop him from proceeding further. The will to live each day better and do something worthwhile should be the motive of each person. Your present day should always be better than the previous. Live each day as it’s your last. When we leave for heavenly abode, regrets should not follow us.