Oldest Working Fridge In The UK Deserves A Medal From Prince Charles

Jonathan Kerry, a Local fridge salesman thought that the 1930s Electrolux was like the Tutankhamun when he first saw it. The reason behind the same is that it is the oldest working fridge in the UK and is even being used today. It’s been more than 80 years since this fridge was made.

The family that owns this 1903s Electrolux claims to have bought it back in 1949. They say it’s their family heirloom that shall be passed on to other generations down the line. The 81 years old and retired railway worker Robert, as the owner has asked to be known, stated that he and his wife have the fridge working in their garage. He also called this 2ft wide and 3ft tall machine an old workhorse and he thinks that it deserves a medal for its long service.

He further stated how they use this fridge during Christmas when they need some extra storage space or in summers to store apples. He’s thrilled that the fridge has always been “very well behaved.” He added that he and his partner are happy to be its guardians for the time that’ll follow. He and his wife had to turn to this old appliance last week as their modern fridge and freezer broke because of the heatwave.

When a salesman from Local fridge came to the couple’s place to install the replacement for the broken fridge and freezer, he came across this old fridge. According to Robert, the amazement on this salesman face was like he had seen the Tutankhamun, there in Gloucestershire. This fridge was bought by Robert’s wife’s parents back in 1949, when owning a fridge was quite rare. Robert claims that it was so rare to own a fridge during that time that they were sometimes called “the people with the fridge.”

The couple had acquired the fridge from Robert’s in-laws and took it to Sussex with them, which was their home for 40 years until they returned to Gloucestershire in 2006. The couple that owns this hefty appliance are in their 70s and live in Stonehouse, Glos and wish to keep their original identity anonymous. Locals commended this appliance for its ultra-low carbon footprint. One among them commented how they certainly don’t make fridges like this one anymore.

According to a spokesperson, Robert’s wife’s parents had bought this fridge as a second-hand for £49 back in 1949. He also added that they even had the receipt for it and that the appliance is in their garage and is still in use. Another person added how they are glad that the couple didn’t get rid of the fridge since it’s a beauty.

This anonymous couple seems to have dethroned the Prince of Wales as the owner of the oldest working fridge in Britain which has been revealed to be a little more than 15 years older. Prince Charles owns a lofty 5ft 8in Frigidaire at his Castle of Mey residence in Scotland. It had been bought by the Queen back in 1954.

Back in 2010, Mrs Doris Stogdale, an 89 year oldwoman then, living in Oxford was thought to be the owner of the country’s oldest working fridge. She had bought the General Electric model back in 1952 in Malaysia and decided to bring it back to England with her.