Mom Made Dolls For Young Boys To Fight Stigma

“Boys aren’t supposed to cry” when Laurel Wider heard her 4-year-old saying that she was left distressed. Imagine a 4-year-old kid blabbering out such an absurd statement, that little kid might not understand the magnitude of that one line but his mother did. And so, she was compelled to think that her child is being brought up, in a stereotypical type cast world. Hence, she took an initiative to break these irrational stereotypes.

It is utterly unfortunate that we are living in a world where both genders are being oppressed according to societal notions. Laurel thought that she would try to break these barriers by creating a line of toys. She created dolls, which were not really similar to the conventional-looking dolls and they are meant for any child unlike the usual ones.

In one of her interviews, she said that” Boys grow up with cultural messages from early on that teach them that feelings and emotional connections make them weak”. The dolls were made 15inch tall and they can be seen wearing a superhero cape also they are available in different skin tones and ethnicities to include all children. They have even made different costume kits which include a firefighter, construction worker, an astronaut, and many such different costumes.

Children from all around the world have been highly intrigued to see such diverse dolls. Laurel said that she created the toy line because she wanted the kids to experience equality so that they don’t grow up with the same thought process as their previous generation.

These dolls were presented on numerous shopping websites and as expected they were highly in demand. Parents appreciated this toy line for its considerate and conscious efforts to defy the prejudices. It would surely be a no- brainer, to guess that these dolls were loved by kids.

We all ought to be inspired by what Laurel did. Our kids need to know that it is totally acceptable if girls want to play with cars and boys want to play with dolls. They could like whichever color they want; they could grow up to be whatever they want. We should provide our future generation with a society that doesn’t discriminate or judge owing to their gender It is high time to make a change. Young lads need to be told that being emotionally sensitive would never dampen their ‘masculinity’ and all those people who tell them otherwise are certainly misguiding them. Such misguidance could probably scar their individuality for a long time.

All these baby steps that are being taken by people like Laurel should be applauded, it would make this world a better place to live in since kids would know that it’s fine to be emotionally vulnerable. Rather it is healthy to express our emotions and “Boys can cry too”.