Man Turned A Prison Van Into Summer Home For Wife

According to a retired man, what can be a better gift for his wife than a house to relax in the warm summer. He completely transformed a prison van into a stunning summer house within a very affordable price range. The couple spends their quality time at their newly built mini-house in summers in a very relaxing way.

Retired Graham Skidmore, 74, from Barrow hill, Worcestershire decided to gift a summer house to his wife. To his disappointment, a huge amount of £42,000 was quoted for the conservatory and an amount of £12,000 was proposed for a new outbuilding by the dealers. Both the quoted amounts would have cost him a massive saving and he decided to take the matter into his own hands.Thus, he scratched his head to solve this budget-problem and finally an idea of using a prison van emerged out of his brain.

Moving on, he bought a police van which was used to transport prison inmates at a price of £250. He started his DIY project and modified the interiors and exterior of the van as per his accord. Earlier, the van had five cells inside and a latrine running down the middle.

Firstly, he called few of his friends who would strip by using the whole thing bare over five months by using glasonite containers. He guided them to keep few of the original features such as heavy-duty prison doors and a hatch that was used by the prison driver to speak to prisoners. The whole project was successfully made at the total cost of £750. His experience of making the space out of a horse box while working in that industry proved to be useful in accomplishing his project.


After proper furnishing, the look of the van completely changed and it gave better views as compared to their other house. Graham’s wife Sandra joked upon seeing his handiwork that, “I hope he doesn’t lock me and throw away the key”.

The couple enjoyed being in the house as the views they got from the windows in the house were more open, the place was warm and good for sleep. According to Graham, the position of the house was quite superb and he slept over there thrice. Therefore, he perfectly managed to get the best gift for his wife in the form of a very tranquil and restful summer house.