Man Spent A Decade Collecting Over 7,000 Bags Of Trash To Help Environment

A man named Daniel Toben has spent a decade roaming around North Carolina and freed it up from heaps of trash. The 31-year-old sandwich shop manager started his noble act back in his university days in 2009 when he noticed a stream losing its charm to discarded plastic bottles. He has been able to collect more than 7000 trash bags.

Environmental concerns have soared high enough to set the caveat bells on around the world. Many organizations have mushroomed over the years to highlight the devastation that humans are inflicting on the environment. The lush green patches and shimmering rivers are reeling under the heaps of discarded materials. But a few souls have taken the matter in their hands to salvage them. One of them is Daniel Toben.

The environmental concerns rang around for him back in 2009 when he was pursuing his studies at North Carolina State University. He was taking a stroll in his neighborhood when he saw the soothing stream suffocating under the weight of the discarded plastic bottles. The harrowing sight of nature’s degradation pinched his soul. He decided to take a stand to work upon the terrible status of nature’s bounties.

He began to collect the bags of trash lacing his home state- North Carolina. He carried on his efforts around with the purest intentions. Gradually, people began to catch up with him in his noble act. He also started organizing the group campaigns to de-clutter the state. To win more participation from the masses, he began to share the pictures of his work on his Facebook page. Not just that, he also launched a GoFundMe page- ‘Mission to Beautify Our Communities’ to strengthen it.

To his delight, funds began to pour in, helping him to buy a truck to collect more garbage bags. Taking the campaign to a higher level, he set up an official Facebook page- ‘The Earth Stewards’ and TikTok account. Basking under the rays of fame, he has managed to garner 225,000 followers and 1.5 million likes.

The sandwich shop manager tries his best to carry his noble act with his professional obligations. However, the period of lockdown has offered him immense relief from that pressure. He had spent a chunk of his time in collaborating efforts to beautify his surroundings.

Apart from trash, he has also been able to go through a few illegal oil dumping and toxic waste dumping sites. Not just that, he has also added to the glory of his campaign by uniting the lost animals with their owners.

Starting taking account of the number of trash bags two years ago, he has found that he has collected more than 7000 trash bags.

Taking on the present times and his schedule, he shared, “I am now spending between four and eight hours most days at the clean-ups. I’m far enough away from other people I feel safe from the virus. I’m in my own realm for a while, and it just gives me an incredible sense of pride to know that I’m cleaning up. I have a sense of accomplishment”.

Adding to that, he shared, “When the beach/stream/road is all clean, it’s not just cleaner, but safer too. The idea of that makes me happy especially during COVID. My friends who have participated in clean-ups have gone from feeling isolated to, by the end, amped and enthusiastic”.

The 31-year-old man is putting in his best to weave some inspirational nets for people to join in.