Man Disguised As ‘Batman’ Becomes An Angel For The Homeless In Chile

There are many reel heroes that we look up to. A real life hero is the one who helps those in need. In the light of events a man was seen disguised as batman. The batman dressed hero was seen helping the homeless by delivering them food. He has been doing this on a regular basis in difficult situations of pandemic to make Chile as well as the world a happier place to live in.

Since the very beginning, we have been fascinated with superheroes and their superpowers. We have always looked upto them for saving the world from evils. Whatever the situations may be, a superhero always ends up making it right for the people. We have always adored them for making the world a safer place to live in. We have seen ourselves getting mad for them but only in stories and movies. We have always wanted to be a superhero or meet a superhero who could take all the evils from the society.

In Chile, people are fortunate enough to experience good deeds by a real life superhero. A man, dressed up as batman, has been a great help and support for the poor and homeless by delivering them food. By dressing up as batman, who people recognize as a movie superhero, he became a real life hero. Suited in shiny mask with black trail, the man aims to keep his identity hidden and keep on helping people.

The Man, disguised as a batman, does the god deed on a regular basis. Till now he has delivered hundreds of packages. Many homeless wait for the shiny black suited man to come and deliver food to have a meal for their survival. The homeless Chile people stand in a queue and wait for the angel man to distribute food packages from the boot of his car. He then walks in the streets of Santiago and find all the homeless people to offer them help.

The unnamed man started this gesture after there was lockdown and restrictions everywhere due to the pandemic. Just like the entire world, Chile’s economy too is on a downfall. People are forced to leave homes due to their inability to pay rents. People have no money for house, clothes and food and thus have to come on the streets. More than 10,578 have been affected directly by the corona virus and others are facing the slaps of falling economy.

Unemployment has reached its maximum in a decade in Chile. People have nowhere to go and their lives have come to a standstill. Act of kindness in such situations by people who are capable to do so makes them a real hero. The mysterious superhero when asked about his good deeds said and motivated everyone to be kinder in these situations to provide shelter, clothes, food or any necessary item that could make someone’s life easier.

When he was questioned about his dress up as a batman he said the intent behind is to make people happy and cheerful on seeing a superhero helping them. People receiving his help are very thankful to him and are really grateful for his kind gestures. We certainly need more inspirational people like him in the world.