Mailman Cleans Veterans’ Headstones Every Sunday

No matter how much we praise them or compensate their families we would never be able to payback a ‘veteran’ enough. Because how can we compensate men or women, who have laid their lives for this country. But this mailman has made sure that we don’t forget their sacrifices. He has been cleaning veterans’ headstones every Sunday and he has been doing so for a couple of years.

Every citizen of this country has the uttermost respect in their hearts for the veterans and the serving soldiers as well. But we are required to show that respect and gratitude through our actions also, just like Clarence Hollowell. This man is like any other ordinary man but his deeds are certainly extraordinary. He lived in Jacksonville, and he used to visit Old City Cemetery and other cemeteries in the town every Sunday to clean veterans’ headstones. He used to scrub the headstones which had layers of dirt on them and made them readable.

Nobody had asked him to do so, he did it out of his own will. We can surely call him a highly considerate man who didn’t forget his responsibilities unlike most of us. He even followed a whole procedure to clean the Headstones. One of the fellow visitors noticed him and explained his whole process.

She said, he started with cleaning the dirt and moss off the headstone, and then he used a bristle brush and toothbrush, he sprayed a solution that changed the stone’s color from black to its original color that is white and gray. This all might sound easy but it takes weeks to clean a single stone. Instead of chilling at home, he spends his Sundays doing the cleaning of the headstones which is truly commendable. How many of us would willingly give up on our holidays to do something for society, honestly not many of us!

He has served in the army for three years. A lot of his family members are still serving in the army. In of his interviews, he said: “they didn’t want to go to war but they did and they didn’t come home and they defended this country”. He started with this project a few years back in his home state of North Carolina. Clarence received a lot of appreciation from around the world. His actions even motivated a lot of people to do something for the veterans.

This project of Clarence Hollowell has certainly taught us a lot. In this day and age, we all are preoccupied with so many things that we forget to thank people who have helped us reach where we are today. We are here today leading a fulfilled life because back then they chose their country over their families and their lives.