Love Island Star Came Out To Help In The Pandemic

It is just not the responsibility of the government, hospital staff, police to take care of the pandemic, the coronavirus. Every citizen has their role that they can play and help each other during this time of adversity. Love Island star Anna Vakili has resumed her position as a pharmacist to help in this time of need.

The 29-year-old Love Island star had quit her position as a pharmacist earlier to appear on the ITV2 dating show and had not returned till now. The star was living her life and doing all the things she wanted to do. But the recent pandemic made her realize what she could do to help others fight this battle against the coronavirus.

She took her position behind the counter as a pharmacist so that she could help and make a difference whatever she can make. She is not only helping as a pharmacist but is advising and constantly reminding people of what should be done and what should not be done. She decided to help and requested her fans to practice self-isolation and take precautionary measures.

She updated her fans and shared “First day back working as a Pharmacist since leaving Love Island. It’s been almost a whole year! Wow can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Wasn’t really planning on registering yet but with everything that’s going on it felt wrong not to. We can all fight this together. Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives.”

She had spent five years becoming a pharmacist but after Love Island, she had no intention of going back behind the counter. But during this time of need, she knew that she had to and it was her duty to serve mankind. She further shared that “The honest answer is that I don’t really want to go back to pharmacy. It was five years of training, so long, but I think I knew throughout the whole time it wasn’t for me. Coming from a Middle Eastern background, they’re quite strict on education and you have to do pharmacy, medicine or dentistry.”

There are many others just like her who have stepped out to make sure that they can help in whatever way they can. Dr. Alex George, another Love Island star has also stepped out to help in any way that he could. Well, seems like Love Island stars are all out there because Rachel Fenton another star from Love Island came forward to help. She has been helping as an orthopedic clinical nurse specialist.

But recently her coronavirus test came positive and she updated everyone on it. She further shared with her fans that “My test came back positive. So many of you messaged me about loss of taste and smell which isn’t in the official symptom list. But that was the main symptom for me. I didn’t have a temperature or cough. I just felt very tired. I had a bit of muscle achiness and a cold. I have completely lost my taste and smell. It’s a lot more severe.”

The least others could do is self-isolate them, practice social distancing and take all the necessary precautionary measures that have been advised to fight against the virus.